7 Pinoy personalities who are against Duterte's views. They must be really brave!

7 Pinoy personalities who are against Duterte's views. They must be really brave!

While the Philippines' iron-fisted president Rodrigo "Digong" Roa Duterte has numerous supporters, there are also those who criticize his ways. Below are some prominent Filipinos who have been vocal of their opinion about the 71-year-old Chief Executive.

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1. Jim Paredes


On May 24, Jim Paredes posted on his Twitter account a photo of President Rodrigo Duterte that looked like a Sto. Niño, a Roman Catholic title used to call the Christ child. The caption says: "I now reject the Son of God from Davao.. I believe in Duterteronomy as my bible."

The legendary musician wrote another tweets in June slamming Duterte who decided to hold separate inauguration from Vice President Leni Robredo.

The Filipino writer and producer also noted that Duterte's close friend and ally Senator Bongbong Marcos lost the vice presidential race to Robredo and that the latter must respect the election result.

2. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

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Telvesion host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal has criticized President Digong for his remarks against the LGBT community as well as priesthood.

The actress, nevertheless, said she appreciates the efforts of Duterte despite her disapproval of some of the president's standpoints.

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3. Kitchie Nadal

The OPM singer shared on her Facebook page last December her reaction to Duterte's seemingly proud revelation bragging that he has a wife and two girlfriends.

Photo from Kitchie Nadal Facebok page

"Womanizing (not womanizers) has to be condemned and not condoned. This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become MATRIARCHAL – mothers have to take all the responsibility of raising whole family, while the husbands womanize with society’s quiet approval.

"It has become part of our culture to think that our leaders’ “private lives” have no lasting impact in society, when the reality is that followers and constituents emulate and follow the lead of their leaders. If ever you are thinking of voting for Mayor Duterte (and I include myself), we should keep in mind that men and women should uphold marital laws as seriously as criminal laws, because family is the very foundation of our society. We should follow these laws for the sake of our children, mothers, and wives – and that means every one of us – because their violation would lead to social chaos.

"Mayor Duterte, with all due respect, If you cannot follow these marital laws for your family, at least respect these laws for the rest of the families of our nation by upholding them still, like how you want us to sacrifice and respect other laws you are upholding no matter how hard it will be for many.

"(Naiintidihan ko yung hinanaing ninyo para sa bansa. Kung gusto nyo talaga ng ‪#‎pagbabago‬, simulan nyo sa pagbibigay respeto sa mga comments ninyo. Hindi puro yabang. Please lang, hindi ako nanay ninyo para lecturan kayo at ipaala ng pag galang sa kapwa. Gawin nating itong productive alang lang sa bansa.)"


4. Gab Valenciano

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The son of singer Gary Valenciano, wrote a Facebook status in April speculating on how then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte has commented about the rape and murder of an Australian victim.

However, in an interview with Pep.ph on August 12, he admitted that he still respects the president despite opposing opinions.

“Maski na there are some things na I'm not for, it doesn't matter, e. Kasi, at the end of the day, he's our leader and we have to respect him," Valenciano stated.

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5. G Tongi

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Actress and TV host Giselle Tongi posted on her Instagram last September a screenshot of Duterte doing a dirty finger sign from a local news website with the hashtags #realclassy #not

Just five days ago, Tongi shared another rant on her social media account.

"What people fail to see is that this is my president too. I am still a Filipino through & through! But for God's sake, enough of the trash talking! It's downright unpresidential & unbecoming of anyone to have to use this language. Less than 100 days in office, over 3000 dead & counting, the daily rants... how can we tolerate this for 6 whole years? I expect the nonsensical bashing coz of this post but if you could truly share how you feel as a Filipino, I'd appreciate it way more than the name calling please?"

6. Carlos Celdran

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Known anti-Duterte and cultural activist Carlos Celdran has filed an online petition last June inviting supporters to make then president-elect Duterte resign from the position.

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7. Agot Isidro

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Actress Agot Isidro lost her temper on Thursday, October 7, and called Duterte a psychopath through a status she wrote on her personal Facebook account. Here is the complete statement she made.

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