Top 5 random mall goers video who gained popularity because of their powerful voice and became an internet sensations.

Top 5 random mall goers video who gained popularity because of their powerful voice and became an internet sensations.

Filipinos love to showcase their talents anytime, anywhere. That’s why these random people who were supposed to just roam around and have a good time instantly became the talk of the town in social media after videos of them were uploaded singing at—guess where? Our favorite hangout place, the mall!

Here are the top 5 karaoke viral videos of random mallgoers:

# 5 Roel Manlangit’s amazing whistle

You might have heard of his name because he was Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4’s grand champion, but he once again gained attention when a video of him, singing Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” in a mall karaoke got everyone stunned.

The video uploader entitled the clip as: “Filipino Boy sings EMOTIONS by Mariah Carey w/ Whistle [Ellen Degeneres needs to see this!].”

One netizen said: “His face just relax, if I sing that song, I can reach the note but I don't want anyone see my face because It will be weird as (curses)...I want to sing with relax face...”

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# 4 Koco Tan’s doble kara

This guy has got some talent because a video of him, and only him singing a duet, gained almost 1 million views on YouTube. People at the mall stopped for a moment to watch him sing a Filipino song in two different voices.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments on the video:


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umefunasone together: “will you marry me?”

Dario Dulay: “tiby brad... galing grabe proud to be noypi....hai”

# 3 Student belting “Through the Fire”

This student from Davao City just probably dropped by the mall to wind up, as she was still wearing her school uniform. Little did she know that this will be an opportunity for her instant stardom.

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Darwin Frias: “why all pilipinos very good in singing..philippines the capital singers in the world”

Crisanto Cruz: “nyahahaha...ang galing kumanta sa klase kaya magaling din sya...”

soal Yamasaki: “Ang lupit mo sana mapangasawa kita........”

# 2 Magic Sing demo turns into a show

People who were supposedly busy buying groceries suddenly stopped and watched this guy who was apparently trying out the Magic Sing microphone in what seems to be a supermarket inside a mall. His voice is not what people expected, so everybody was just really astounded by him. His video gained almost 2.5 million views and people from other parts of the world also reacted.

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Wayne Faulkenberry: “Philippines is the only place i know of that you can have the freedom to sing karaoke anywhere anytime.'s fun in the Philippines”

victor badu: “Again i say all time , the Philippines have all talent of the world , what happen whit the philippines people , all sing ! this guy have a impresinante voice in the highs ohhh, is fantastic, love Philippines , mi next trip go whit this fantastic country , saludos from Cancun Mexico ! .”

# 1 Effortless “I Will Always Love You” rendition

All that is left to say is that this video got more than 31 million views and this girl definitely slays!

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Syahmi “blackjanna” Rosli: “Filipinos = Natural singers maaan. like im not even kidding.”

Brian Cheng: “Does anybody know who she is, and does she have her own record album by now?”

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