VIDEO: Husband caught cheating on wife in social experiment

VIDEO: Husband caught cheating on wife in social experiment

- A video of a wife breaking down as she watches her husband ditch her for a flirty young girl has gone viral

- The wife asked the help of a YouTube channel called “To Catch a Cheater” to help her test her husband’s loyalty

- A young girl was sent to flirt with the husband as the wife watches their interaction from another location

A video of a man who cheated on his wife of five years during an experiment has gone viral. The clip shows the wife getting her heart broken piece by piece as she watches the love of her life cheat on her with a flirty young girl who is actually an accomplice in the experiment.

The experiment was conducted by the YouTube channel called “To Catch a Cheater,” an online program that helps people in a relationship test their respective partners’ loyalty and faithfulness to them.

The experiments usually involve an attractive accomplice trying to flirt with a person who is in a relationship as his or her partner watches the interaction from another location. Some of the subjects of these experiments have managed to remain faithful while others have decided to cheat.

VIDEO: Husband caught cheating on wife in social experiment
(Screenshot: YouTube / To Catch A Cheater)

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This particular video is tragic because the woman actually thought that her husband would never cheat on her as they have been married for five years already.

The accomplice first asked the cheating husband for directions but then proceeded to tell him that he is cute and that she wants to know his name and his contact number.  She also asked the man if they could have a date and hang out together.

When the husband said “yes” to the offer, the accomplice asked if he had a girlfriend. The man revealed that he is already married but still agreed to hang out with the stranger.

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The wife’s reaction is heart-breaking. She was unable to contain her emotions as she cried her eyes out and walked out of the room.

Many of the viewers of the video who commented were outraged with the unfaithfulness of the husband.

“It doesn't matter if the other person is hot or not. If you’re not gonna be faithful then don't date or get married, simple as that. Guys like you are pigs and shouldn't exist,” a YouTube user said.

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