VIDEO: Groom leaves his bride after her wedding joke goes wrong

VIDEO: Groom leaves his bride after her wedding joke goes wrong

- A video of a Chinese groom calling off the wedding because of his bride’s prank has gone viral

- The 26-year-old bride used makeup to look like a 70-year-old woman in order to test if her groom would still love her when she gets old

- The groom leaves behind his bride crying all alone

A video of a Chinese groom leaving her bride behind for using makeup to look like an old woman during their wedding day has become a viral sensation.

The 26-year-old bride decided to check if her husband-to-be will continue to love her in the future once she loses her beauty and becomes an old woman.

She tested her groom by using makeup to make herself look 50 years older during their wedding day. She also colored some areas of her hair white in order to make her look really old.

VIDEO: Groom leaves his bride after her wedding joke goes wrong
Photo: / juemei520

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This test/joke did not go over well with her husband-to-be. He became upset with his bride and tried to leave her behind.

The bride goes after her groom but it only ended in heartache as the two shouted at each other in public. The bride was left all alone in tears.

"I thought he would laugh and see it as a joke, but he was furious and told me there was no way he would have photographs of me looking like that. He then got in a taxi and left,” the bride tried to explain.

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The viewers of the Chinese couple's viral video are divided on the couple’s argument. Some viewers said that the groom should have displayed patience, understanding and some sense of humor so that the wedding could have pushed through.

However, many viewers commented that the Chinese groom did the right thing by leaving behind his bride for turning a supposedly serious and formal event into a joke. They also pointed out that the couple would only have problems later on in the future since the girl seemed to crave for attention and seemed to not take their relationship seriously.

Others are hoping that the strange couple would one day reconcile, solve their issues, and go through with their wedding.

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