Student rejects classmate, girl gets offended

Student rejects classmate, girl gets offended

- An Imgur user uploaded a conversation with his very angry classmate after he rejected her

- Jaime, the perpetrator, first offended the uploader’s ethnicity before she left suggestive comments

- When the uploader rejected her, Jaime didn’t react nicely and cursed him

Has it ever cross your mind how difficult it must have been for the elders to date before? A lot of sneaking out and exchange of love letters were probably involved during that period of time since they did not have the convenience of owning a mobile phone or even an access to the internet.

On the other hand, today’s people – mostly millennials – could not relate to the older generation’s struggles as they do not have the need to go too far to meet someone. With just a single swipe, click, or tap, they could easily talk and see whoever they wish to catch up with. Through the continuous progress of technology, keeping in touch or reaching the other party is no longer a problem. In the same sense that it could build bridges, it also has the ability to burn those bridges down.

One student from the United Kingdom experienced what it was like to be asked out in the modern era. He was just using the messaging application, Facebook Messenger, when Jaime, the girl he shared a class with, sent him a friend request.

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In his post entitled, ‘Girl I had class with messaged me on Facebook,’ that was uploaded on Imgur, an online image sharing community, the student shared how a casual conversation made an unexpected turn.

Their exchange of messages started when he accepted the girl’s request. The uploader even shared a joke at their former professor’s expense.

It started getting weird, when Jaime asked him about his ethnicity out of nowhere. The student’s answer was blurred out in the photos.

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Student rejects classmate, girl gets offended
In the middle of their conversation, Jaime asked the uploader about his ethnicity. (Photo credit:

Upon reading his response, Jaime rudely pointed that she had never seen someone of that ethnicity who was good looking before. The student started hinting his discomfort by replying with “Uhh okay…”

To make the situation worse, the girl replied with “I meant beside you lol. They are all so hairy and weird looking.” Awkward.

When she noticed that the uploader stopped replying, Jaime started making amends through a crying emoticon. The nature of the dialogue went from innocent to suggestive after she offered herself as dessert.

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Student rejects classmate, girl gets offended
Jaime started offering herself as a dessert when she realized that she offended her classmate. (Photo credit:

The student took the high road when he explained that he wasn’t looking for a relationship since his job was his priority. Jaime, in return, cursed him and even called him ‘ugly.’ She continued harassing him by asking him ‘to lick her feet,’ to express his gratitude for the chance she gave him.

Student rejects classmate, girl gets offended
Jaime didn’t take the rejection too well as shown in her offending response. (Photo credit:

The uploader’s response was unknown since the screenshots of their banter ended there but it wouldn’t be a shock if she received a block from him.

Imgur, pronounced as ‘image-er,’ was launched in 2009 by Alan Schaaf. It started as a side project but ended up being a large website hosted in three different hosting providers. In 2012, they recorded 364 billion image views.

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