Maine Mendoza expresses vexation through her blog

Maine Mendoza expresses vexation through her blog

- Maine Mendoza made a blog entry that expressed her vexation towards people who kept telling her that part of being in the industry is learning how to please people

- She passionately wrote about how people should learn to live their own lives without seeking the approval of other people

- This blog entry was written after an incident that Maine has refused to specify

Maine Mendoza expresses vexation through her blog
Maine Mendoza: What others think about you is none of your business (Photo from

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After a year in showbiz, two movies, a few endorsements, and thousands of people building up her fan base, Maine Mendoza, more popularly known as Yaya Dub, vows to remain the same person.

Maine created a blog entitled, "That's how it works", where she expressed her frustration towards some people in the industry who change themselves just to appease fans and other people in the business.

The blog entry did not just come out of nowhere. According to Maine, an incident led the way to her thinking about these things and eventually writing about it. Though she would not specify which incident, she said that it really made her question some things.

"If there is one thing in this world that I would never do, that would be it – pleasing people. I mean, we are in a world full of pretentious beings. Especially in my case, I am living in a world full of barbies – and no, it ain’t fantastic," Mendoza wrote.

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She added that some people have mastered the art of pretending, and that it was up to us to determine which is real and which is not.

She wrote about the importance of being oneself and how seeking other people's approval on how to live one's life is not the way to go.

In the same essay, Maine also shared how some personalities in the industry advised her to do things that would please others. She said that she had always firmly refused to do so.

"I do not need and want to pretend to be someone I am not and do something I am not willing to do just to be loved and 'accepted' by the people in this 'barbie world," Main wrote.

"I would never change who I am just to conform to the norms of this industry. Sure, 'that’s how it works', but I am who I am, and it’s up to people if they will like me or not."

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Maine passionately wrote about how people should live their own lives their own way. It is important to accept who you are and be happy about it.

According to Mendoza, "How others see you is none of your business, at the end of the day what matters most is how you see yourself."

To end her essay she closed saying that people need to accept the reality that it is impossible to please everybody and that it is not the reason why we were born into this world.

Maine recently celebrated her first-year anniversary in showbiz by recollecting her journey to get where she is right now.

Despite the tremendous exposure in the limelight and the various endorsements she has received, Maine continues to stay humble and urges her fans to be themselves no matter what. - Kami Media

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