10 Filipino celebrities who are proud to be retokados or retokadas. Read full list!

10 Filipino celebrities who are proud to be retokados or retokadas. Read full list!

Can you believe that these ten local stars are unapologetically surgically enchanced?

Filipinos aren’t comfortable in matters of cosmetic surgery. People are usually judgmental towards people especially celebrities who have undergone surgical enhancements. But who can blame them for wanting to enhance themselves to look even better?

Here are some of the celebrities who are retokados/retokadas and have spoken freely about it.

Please, contact KAMI and share your stories!
Please, contact KAMI and share your stories!

1. Ruffa Gutierrez

Actress and model Ruffa Gutierrez has undergone ‘BodyTite’ from Belo Medical Group. It is a semi-invasive procedure that tightens the skin while s*****g out the fat. According to the actress, her mother urged her when she saw how it worked wonders for Jinkee Pacquiao.

2. Jinkee Pacquiao

Just like Ruffa, the wife of boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao had undergone liposuction as well. Jinkee had ‘Smart Lipo’ after giving birth to her daughter Princess then also availed of Belo’s ‘BodyTite.’

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3. John ‘Sweet’ Lapus

In an interview with DJ Mo Twister back in 2006, John Lapus known as ‘Sweet’ admitted to being retokada. When pressed about it, he answered that he had “Fake chin, Liposuction, Lower Lip” done.

4. Lani Misalucha

Singer Lani Misalucha had no qualms about sharing that she had her teeth, nose, and eye bags fixed. She may have had her external features done, but nothing can truly alter her powerful voice.

5. Gretchen Barretto

In 2009, actress Gretchen Barretto had her lips done. From thin lips to pouty and kissable ones, which according to her was not a cheap procedure.

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6. Empress Schuck

Two years ago, Host Boy Abunda interviewed young actress Empress Schuck on his show. She shared that it was because of her insecurity that she decided to undergo laser liposuction surgery by Dr. Vicky Belo. Her main insecurity was her large thighs, and now thanks to the procedure, she’s happy with the results.

7. John Estrada

43-year-old actor John Estrada isn’t shy to admit that he is a retokado after having undergone -enhancing procedure by Belo as well. Now, his body is perfect and his self-confidence is in an all time high.

8. Pops Fernandez

Another star that had her lips like the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is Pops Fernandez. She admitted to having her lips plumped because she’s obsessed with her lips.

9. Christopher De Leon

Can you believe that veteran actor Christopher De Leon is turning 60 this year? He doesn’t look his age and that’s because of Dr. Vicky Belo’s help again. He had his eye bags removed, laser blepharoplasty, and had non-invasive face lift.

10. Kris Aquino

Queen of all media, Kris Aquino can also be called the queen of cosmetic surgery. She already had her tummy tucked and her nose done. Kris also had bre@st augmentation and liposuction in some of her body parts.

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