9 truths why being morena is the best

9 truths why being morena is the best

You are beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with your skin color.

Filipinos have always been fascinated with the idea of looking like a foreigner. The way we dress, the way we speak, and even our skin complexion. Of course, they have whiter skin and have different hair and eye colors.

Pinays use lots of whitening soaps, toners, lotions, and moisturizers, just to achieve that white pearly skin. Instead of trying to change how you look, why don’t we start to consider why being a morena is the best thing to happen in your life?

Here are 9 truths that should change your mind from buying that papaya whitening soap.

1. Dress any color you want!

With your awesome skin complexion, you can dress any color you like! Go be brave and wear neon colors or subtle with white and neutrals.

2. You can experiment on bold and bright makeup

Take inspiration from Grace Jones or Lupita Nyong’o! They rock that violet eyeshadow paired with blue lipstick! Go on a night out with your girl friends and look chic with an orange or pink lipstick.

3. Beach-free tan!

You don’t have to go out to the beach unlike Caucasians who always lay flat on the sand all day to get that sun-kissed look. You’re already tan without any effort!

4. You’re not afraid to go out in the sun!

You may not need to go out to have that tan, but you’re never afraid to have fun in the sun! With the proper sunblock and shades, you’re ready to face your challenges even under the extreme heat.

5. Lower risk for cancer

Did you know that people with darker skin complexion have lower risk of cancer? That’s because the melamin pigment in your skin acts as somewhat a minimal sunscreen; you still need to put on sunblock of course.

6. You embody the true Filipino look

Before the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, conquered our ancestors, they were actually dark skinned. Morenas like you embody what it is to be a true original Filipina. Be proud of your skin!

7. Fountain of youth

Because of the positive effects that melatonin is causing in your skin, you won’t easily get wrinkles and other aging skin problems. They’ll never know you’re really not 20 years old.

8. Your skin radiates & glows

Actually, you don’t even need makeup! Your skin just radiates across the room. In a sea of pale and white girls, you stand out with your glowing skin.

9. It’s a gift!

Cherish the skin you have and embrace it. Be grateful for the skin you were born in because it is a gift from your parents. Don’t be ashamed of your heritage because you will pass it on to your future kids so they can learn how to love being morena.



Source: KAMI.com.gh

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