Sunshine Cruz, maagang tinuturuan na mag-budget ang mga anak, ani Sam Cruz: “She keeps track of everything”

Sunshine Cruz, maagang tinuturuan na mag-budget ang mga anak, ani Sam Cruz: “She keeps track of everything”

- Sam Cruz, the second daughter of actress Sunshine Cruz and actor Cesar Montano, revealed in an interview how good her mom is in making a budget

- She said that her mom instilled into them the importance of taking care of their earnings and ensure they buy only the things they need

- The YouTube star and singer also revealed that Sunshine would even instruct them whenever they go shopping to only get three pieces of clothes each and not go beyond it

- Sunshine would always tell their daughters that it doesn’t mean just because they can earn again from endorsements and acting gigs whatever they spent, they could squander away most of their earnings

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Sam Cruz, the second daughter of singer and actress Sunshine Cruz and actor Cesar Montano, said that their mom is really good in making a budget for their family.

Sunshine Cruz, maagang tinuturuan na mag-budget ang mga anak, ani Sam Cruz: “She keeps track of everything”
Photo: Sunshine Cruz (@sunshinecruz)
Source: Instagram

The YouTube star and singer recently sat down for an interview with the podcast, “Over A Glass Or Two,” with hosts Filipino-Americans Jessy Daing and Jesse Castro.

The podcasters were asking Sam about how it is to live in the Cruz household and whether they could spend on whatever they want since they’re earning it anyway.

“So talagang tine-train kayo ng parents niyo to save up of the things that you wanna buy. It’s not like… Alam mo yung typical na pag sinabi mong ‘anak ng showbiz couple,’ like, ‘oh, I can get anything I want from mommy and daddy,’” Jessy Daing said, wanting to know if the Cruz household is like that.

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“Oh no!” Sam said, adding that her mom is very strict and tight when it comes to budgeting for their family.

“Sobrang kuripot po ng mom ko!” Sam revealed.

She then gave an example of how Sunshine, her mom, is when it comes to the budget, particularly where it involved her three daughters.

“She would really give us a budget. So if it would be a shopping trip for the three of us, in example like a store in the malls, like, ‘okay, you guys could pick three each,’ she said that!” Sam narrated.

The YouTube star also said that her mom would make sure she and her sisters would save their money.

“She keeps track of all the things we spend on and she checks the prices and everything. She really teaches us how to save and also for our future coz we may need the money in the future as well,” Sam revealed.

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The full interview of Sam at Over A Glass of Two could be found at the OAGOT channel.

Samantha Angelene Cruz Montano, more popularly known as Sam Cruz, is a Pinoy social media star, actress, and singer. She was born on August 24, 2004 to singer and actress Sunshine Cruz and actor Cesar Montano in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines. She has two sisters, Chesca Montano and Angelina Cruz, and is also the younger sister of Diego Loyzaga.

During her interview at “Over A Glass Or Two, Sam also revealed that her mom is not strict with boys. However, she said that her mom wouldn’t allow her to have a boyfriend until she reaches 18 years old. Sam said it’s fine with her as she’s in no rush to have a boyfriend at this time. For now, she’s happy and content talking with guy friends and just to know the person first before she goes into a relationship.

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In May of this year, Sunshine Cruz proudly displayed the graduation photo of Sam when she finished her junior high school. What made Sunshine more proud was that Sam was able to accomplish the feat while managing her own showbiz career. The ability to handle both academics and showbiz was a feat that is worthy of recognition. Sam is the one who has already started her showbiz career and has also started with a number of product endorsements.


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