Where to buy esme cold wax in Philippines

Where to buy esme cold wax in Philippines

Esme cold wax is a substance that removes hair and has a lot of other useful purposes, such as lightening your skin and slowing down hair growth. Its benefits are countless, and plenty of customers nowadays pay their attention to it. If you would like to know where to buy Esme cold wax in the Philippines, you should definitely proceed and read on.

Where to buy esme cold wax in Philippines
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Lots of us have annoying hair on our body that we frequently need to shave off. For removal of the unwanted hairs, many people use cold wax strips or other means of getting rid of it. This article is about the new product from Esme Organics that has already proven to be effective for many users.

How do you use Esme cold wax?

Using this product is simple, and it will bring you a lot of benefits for your skin. It will be more effective than simply shaving, as the roots are still inside and they may have a coarse feel. Your skin is going to feel smooth upon its usage, and the roots of your growing hairs will be gone for good.

First of all, you will need to form the cold substance into a ball, and then color it. The next step will be sprinkling the powder over the area that you would like to work on. It will help you to stick it to the hairs that you want to remove. Then, you need to spread the powder in the direction of growing and pull off in the opposite direction, repeating this process many times until the hairs are gone.

Cold wax review
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Some people ask "can cold wax be heated?", and the answer is - it can, but it is not necessary in this case.

Esme cold wax review

This product has a lot of beneficial qualities that will help you get rid of the unwanted hair growth once and for all. It has a whitening effect which makes your skin shade lighter and gets rid of toxins. If you use it, it will slow down the repeated growth of the hairs, and you will not be getting a chicken skin side effect that is common after shaving.

The substance also removes dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin. Additionally, it is completely organic and safe, without any toxic elements.

Cold wax strips
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As for side effects, there can be red spots, which might remain for a while, but later will be gone. The sensitivity will also increase, especially if it is your first time shaving in a long while. Your shaved areas may itch, but this problem can be solved by pressing a cold compress against them or using the anti-histamine gel or cream.

Esme cold wax: where to buy

If you are curious about where to buy Esme organic cold wax, you can order it online to avoid the unnecessary hassle. Lazada sells a lot of skincare products, including this one. This product can be bought for a huge discount - its price used to be ₱799.00, however, the website knocked off -78% and now it costs ₱173.00. It is a natural product with a honey scent which is easy and effortless to use at home.

You can shave your legs, arms, and even your face with it, and it is completely safe for anyone, including pregnant women and lactating moms. It also has ingredients that are very soothing and will significantly improve the health of your skin.

Buy now on Lazada. Make shaving a pleasant and effortless experience!

Since you have learned Esme cold wax where to buy in Philippines, you can now get this product for a cheap and convenient price by using our link.

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