Where to buy activated charcoal powder Philippines

Where to buy activated charcoal powder Philippines

Activated charcoal is mostly used for various medical purposes. However, it can also be encountered in some other fields. This natural powder contains a lot of beneficial properties, which is why people value it so highly. If you are wondering where to buy activated charcoal in the Philippines, here is your guide.

Where to buy activated charcoal
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Once upon a time, this substance was considered to be a universal antidote that works against plenty of issues. Today, it is still one of the most popular and trusted natural treatments.

There are a lot of common uses that it is applied for, which range from improving kidney health to treating skin infections. It is also used for skincare and in the form of a deodorant. Most of the time, however, people tend to whiten their teeth with the help of it.

Activated charcoal for teeth

A lot of products that are designed to whiten and strengthen your teeth contain this substance as one of the ingredients, as it has proven to be beneficial for oral health. It absorbs all the toxins that are harmful to teeth and has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Activated charcoal for teeth
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There are also other positive effects that this mineral has on your health. For instance, it helps reduce cholesterol levels if you take small doses of it per day. It also promotes kidney functioning and reduces the waste that this organ is supposed to filter. Patients with chronic kidney disease could especially benefit from such treatment.

Often, due to its toxin-absorbing feature, consumers use it in the situation when someone is suffering from food poisoning. Ever since the 1800s, it has been considered a powerful antidote against poison.

Some skincare products also contain this mineral, which helps get rid of small particles like dust, dirt, and toxins. The substance absorbs gases and smells, which is why it is frequently put in cosmetics and deodorants.

Activated charcoal side effects

Even though it is used safely most of the time, charcoal has some side effects, just like the majority of other medical products. Some of the most common side effects are vomiting and nausea. Constipation is also the one that is reported frequently.

It is important that you discuss the consumption of it with your healthcare professional because it can interfere with the other medicine that you are taking, due to its absorbing properties. Additionally, it should always be taken in full conscience, otherwise, it could travel to the person's lungs instead of settling safely in their stomach.

Where to buy activated charcoal in the Philippines
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Where to buy activated charcoal in the Philippines

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