Converge Internet review, plans, contact, how to apply

Converge Internet review, plans, contact, how to apply

Converge Internet is a product of Converge ICT, a significant telecommunication and cable TV service provider in the Philippines. The company has a good network of fiber-optic broadband, cable internet, and air internet in the country. It is the brand of choice for many people at home, small businesses or even in the corporate world.

Converge internet locations

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Converge Internet Philippines, has the most potent roster of services tailored to provide you with the best premium digital experience you can ever get. It is committed to providing an end to end fiber connection from their facilities to your residence to minimize data loss and ensure there is no slowing down of the connectivity. Below are the Converge Internet reviews, coverage, application procedure, contacts, and much more.

Converge Internet review

So is it worth the switch? Well, yes, their packages are far much cheaper. Additionally, the installation costs are relatively low compared to other ISPs, and most importantly, it has an uptime of 100%. This means that connection will be served to you 24/7 with the fastest speeds available. Before installation, Converge Internet provider technicians are sent to ascertain whether your residence is covered.

Converge gives you a chance to enjoy HD videos of at least 720p without buffering. Netflix Ultra HD feature works perfectly. For web surfing, pages show up instantaneously, faster than on any other network.

Converge Internet coverage

When deciding on an ISP, the first thing to check should be whether its services are available in your area. If your residence is not covered, then it is not the best choice for you.

While it’s cheaper compared to other service providers, Converge Internet locations are fewer. This is a significant disadvantage for many. However, the company is expanding its coverage day by day, and they might cover nearly 100% of the country in the next few years. Below are the regions where this broadband network is available;

  • Metro Manila
  • Pampanga province
  • Converge Internet Bulacan
  • Cavite
  • Pangasinan province

Converge Internet price and speed

The telecommunication company offers the following subscriptions. Each of them is tailored to meet the needs of all the users. The more the speed, the more the amount of money you will pay;

Home plans

A home without Wi-Fi or any other internet connection can sometimes be annoying. Having a smartphone, smart TV, and multiple computers on a slow network is also inconvenient. The following subscriptions will be a savior to the monotony;

Converge Internet reviews

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1. Fibre X

Fibre X is the best and cheapest Converge Internet package for home use. It is the most affordable and offers incredible speeds that you can imagine. There are no data caps here. This means that you can download as many movies and series as you wish, stream for many hours without having to worry about bundle balances. The following plans are available under this category;

  • Fiber X 1500: It costs Php. 1500. For the amount, you will enjoy up to 25 Mbps speed.
  • Fiber X 2500: For Php. 2500 you will have a connection of up to 75 Mbps.
  • Fiber X 3500: The package entails speeds of 150 Mbps and costs Php. 3500 per month.

In addition to the above, there's an installation fee of Php 2500. So, for instance, if you want Fibre X 3500, you will pay a total of Php. 6,000 in the first month.

2. Fibre Xtreme

Xtreme has the craziest speeds ever. With an active subscription in any of the plans shown below, the Internet will be amazingly fast.

  • Xtreme, 4500: Costs Php. 4500 and can go up to 300Mbps
  • Xtreme 7000: With Php. 7000, you will get a maximum of 500Mpbs with no data caps.

No installation fee is charged here. All you need to pay is the monthly charge.

3. High plans

Converge ICT has been upgrading Fibre X subscribers free of charge to a package with more speed at the same price. Those who were paying Php. 2500 will enjoy 75 Mbps instead of 50 Mbps. Php. three thousand five hundred users will have rates of up to 150Mps compared to the previous 100 Mbps. If you are a 1500 subscriber, then you have to upgrade to either 2500 or 3500 to get these new astounding speeds.

SME plans

Take your business to the next level of efficiency and productivity by subscribing in any of the following;

1. iBIZ

Suitable for small businesses and includes;

  • IBIZ 10: 10 Mbps for Php. 4000 and an installation fee of Php. 208.
  • IBIZ 20: Php. 6000 and Php. 125 installing costs.
  • IBIZ 30: Costs Php. 9000 per month
  • IBIZ 40: Has speeds of up to 40 Mbps priced at Php. 12000
  • IBIZ 50: For Php. 15000 you will get 50Mbps will no installation costs.

2. MicroBIZ

If you need excellent connectivity for your business, then you should go with any of the following;

  • MICRO BIZ 2000: The Converge Internet Plan has speeds of up to 25 Mbps and costs Php. 2,000.
  • MICRO BIZ 3000: Priced at Php. 3000, it offers incredible fast downloads at only Php. 3000

Corporate plans

Corporates have the following options;

1. Carrier Ethernet: Connects with satellite offices and supports all the bandwidth-consuming applications you might have.

2. Colocation: Provides a data center environment to store any data and applications consistently and uninterrupted.

3. Direct Internet Access: This is best suited for real-time applications that need a dedicated connection to the global Internet.

4. Fast: Delivers private information over a shared network securely, adaptive and reactive.

5. IPL: Offers point-to-point connectivity solutions.

6. MPLS: Its one-to-many-point feature enables your business to combine voice, video, and application data without any complexities and securely.

7. Wholesale: Best for industries, institutions, commercial, or any other professional business.


You can maximize your fiber experience by getting any of these add-on features;

  1. FiberX Share: Linksys routers that will surely enhance your experience
  2. Fiberscope: A high definition of indoor CCTV that runs on fiber internet
  3. FiberX Gaming: A powerful ASUS router for beast gaming mode
Converge Internet contact

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Seamless Whole Home Wi-Fi: Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi System to improve your experience.

  1. 1500 Plus: Boost FibreX 1500 25Mbps to 35Mbps for just Php. 99 every month.

How to apply Converge Internet

Follow the procedure below;

  1. Go to the application portal.
  2. Click on the “APPLY NOW” button: This is usually in green.
  3. Specify the service: Indicate whether it is residential, commercial, and so on.
  4. Enter personal details: Make sure you provide the correct email address as it will be used for essential messages such as billing statements.
  5. Indicate your location: Specify the province, street, house, and room number.

How to change password in Converge Internet

The steps below should be followed;

For Huawei ONUs routers

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Enter the username as “root,” and the password should be admin/adminHW if you never changed them.
  • Go to WAN then 2.4G or 5G Network settings.
  • Change the password and click Apply.

For Fiberhome ONUs

  • Go to
  • The default username is “user1” or “user2.”
  • Password should be either 12345, user1234 or user12345
  • Navigate to interface setup then to wireless.
  • Change the shared key and save.


  • Go to
  • The default username is “user” and password “user.”
  • Navigate to Network then Security.
  • Change the WPA passphrase and save.

Converge Internet promo

The following promotions are currently active;

1. Member Get Member: Once you refer someone to fill the online forms, you will receive a 50% rebate in your next billing.

2. The Great Rebate: Anyone who applies online and pays the initial fees within three days after the notice will enjoy a rebate equivalent to a 1-month subscription.

Converge Internet contact number

In case you have any queries, uncertainties or you are experiencing technical difficulties, use the following contact details to seek assistance and support;

  • Physical location: Reliance IT Building, 99 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Brgy. Ugong Pasig City
  • Converge Internet hotline for sales: 02 86670848
  • Customer experience: 02 86670850 or 045 5983000

Converge Internet has unbeatable offers and speeds in the country. It makes sure you get to enjoy premium connections wherever you are. Be it at home, in your small business, or even in a big corporation.

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