TNC surprises everyone after sweeping OG

TNC surprises everyone after sweeping OG

-TNC eliminates European powerhouse OG on the 2nd day of the Main Event in TI 6

-They are now in the Top 8, guaranteed $500,000

-The champion of this tournament will be receiving more than $8 million

TNC surprises everyone after sweeping OG


TNC GAMING, a Philippine Dota 2 team has made a historical upset in this year's The International as they swept the Team OG- the current crowd favourite who most have predicted to win this entire tournament.

Entering the tournament as one of the qualifiers from the South East Asia region, TNC along with other Filipino team XCTN had surprising performances against the best teams in the world.

The International 6, or TI 6, is the biggest international Dota 2 tournament of the year and this TI is the first for TNC.

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Having faced incredibly talented and veteran teams, TNC found themselves in the lower bracket of the series.

Dubbed as 'the Chinese Slayers', TNC surprised Dota 2 fans as they owned different Chinese veterans in the qualifiers.

During the first day of the Main Event, the Chinese Slayers moved on to the second round by defeating Chinese powerhouse Vici Gaming Reborn.

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On the second day, TNC was looking into ending their TI 6 campaign as they found themselves matched up with the two-time MAJORS champion and current favourite, European team OG.

The bout between the two teams was a best of three matchup that eventually turned in favor of TNC 2-0.

During the first game, TNC displayed a powerful performance as their combos were all perfectly executed.

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Despite OG being able to take advantage of the picks as they were able to pick some of their signature heroes, TNC was still able to outplay the defending MAJORS champions.

The second game was a little different as OG seemed to out pick TNC in the draft. Although TNC had the early advantage in kills, OG was able to outmaneuver TNC by gaining the strong advantage in push and total team net worth as Miracle's Ember Spirit and Notail's Tiny + Cr1ts' IO combo charged with their push escape strategy.

TNC's SamH made crucial chronosphere plays with his Faceless void that led to winning two clashes and eventually, the win.

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After the match, the TNC team came down from the platform to shake hands with their adversaries with what seemed to be, tears in their eyes.

In an interview with TNC's mid laner Kuku, he admitted to coming into this game very nervous facing against the same team he has personally predicted to win the entire tournament.

The win against OG has placed TNC into the top 8 where they are guaranteed $500,000, or at least P23 million.

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TNC's victory has surprisingly rejuvenated the Philippine Dota 2 scene as fans from the Philippines have now jumped ship to supporting TNC instead of their previous foreign favourites.

Analysts say that since TNC was able to beat OG, it is highly likely that they can beat the other teams as well.

In different social media platforms, Dota 2 fans and supporters from the Philippines have shown their support and reactions to TNC's victory.

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Different hashtags were coined succeeding the Filipino Team's Victory.

#Peenoise>9kMMR - Peenoise is a derogatory term coined by foreign players against Pinoys.

#ItTakesMoreThanAMiracle -signifying that one of the world's best player Miracle, is not enough to defeat TNC.

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Team TNC is composed of 4 Filipino professional gamers and 1 American veteran.

Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho, who plays support and captain of the team, is an American veteran gamer who used to play for the Evil Geniuses (last year's TI champion.)

Also adding to the roster are Carlo Palad (Kuku), Sam Hidalgo (SamH), Marc Polo Luis Fausto (Raven), Nico Manalaysay Barcelon (Eyyou).

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This is the farthest accomplishment for TNC or any Filipino team in Dota 2 history.

Watch the game winning moment of TNC against OG:


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