Iwa Moto explains relationship with Yzabel Ablan: “I was her stepmom”

Iwa Moto explains relationship with Yzabel Ablan: “I was her stepmom”

- Iwa Moto once again posted about the death of Yzabel Ablan at the age of 20

- The actress revealed that she considers Yzabel her “firstborn daughter,” even if she is not her biological child

- She explained that she was Yzabel’s stepmother for a couple of years

- In her post, Iwa expressed her love and appreciation for Yzabel, as well as her perceived shortcomings as her former stepmom

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Actress Iwa Moto recently took to Instagram to share her deep sorrow and pay tribute to Yzabel Ablan, who tragically passed away at the age of 20. In an emotional post accompanied by a video featuring cherished moments together, Iwa Moto revealed the unique and profound relationship she had with Yzabel.

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Iwa Moto
Iwa Moto explains relationship with Yzabel Ablan: “I was her stepmom” @iam_iwa
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Expressing her grief, Iwa Moto described her "ate chabelits" as a wonderful person, stating that heaven is fortunate to have her. To address inquiries from her followers, she clarified that Yzabel was her “firstborn daughter”, though not her biological child. Iwa had been Yzabel's stepmother for a couple of years, during which a strong and loving bond developed between them.

Iwa shared her deep affection for Yzabel, explaining that even though she didn't give birth to her, she loved her dearly and considered her the first in many aspects of her life. Yzabel played a pivotal role in teaching Iwa how to be a mother and imparted valuable lessons on patience and forgiveness.

The actress praised Yzabel's resilience, describing her as a survivor who had overcome numerous challenges. She acknowledged the impact Yzabel had on the lives of those around her, thanking her for maintaining contact and sharing stories despite their physical distance.

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Iwa Moto expressed her deep regret at not having spent more time with Yzabel and apologized for any mistakes she might have made. She closed her heartfelt message by reassuring Yzabel that she was loved immensely and looked forward to seeing her in her dreams.

“My heart is in so much pain… still can’t believe that my ate chabelits is gone. Heaven is lucky to have such a wonderful person. To all the people asking. Yzabel is my 1st born daughter. And yes hindi ako ang biological mom nya. I was her stepmom for a couple of years. Pero i know in my heart na mahal na mahal ko sya kahit di ako ang nag luwal sakanya sa mundong to. Sya ang 1st ko sa madaming bagay. Tinuruan nya akong maging mommy. Maging patient, she always tells me that to be fully happy i have to learn to forgive.. and she is a survivor. Sobrang daming mong pinagdaanan anak. Nalampasan mo yun. And you become the best version of yourself, you have touched so many lives anak. Thank you kasi anak kahit ang tagal na nating d nakgkikita you never fail to greet me. Or just to say hi. You always have so much kwento. Mamimiss ko yun anak. Yung mag tetext ka sakin kung maganda ba ootd mo. Or mag rarant ka lang mamimiss ko yun anak. I wish i could have spend more time with you. Im sorry if i fail you anak. Sorry sa mga pagkakamali ko. tandaan mo anak na sobrang mahal ka ni mommy. See you in my dreams anak,” Iwa said.

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Iwa Moto is a Filipina reality television personality, actress, and model. She ended up as “StarStruck” third season’s first runner-up. Some of the shows she has been part of are; “Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap” and “Darna.”

In the same TikTok video where Iwa said she never shamed Thirdy, she also addressed the concerns of some netizens after her "sampa-bakod" post about Thirdy. She said that contrary to the belief of some, it wasn’t the first time that the young man did that. The former actress also assured everyone that their house is super secured with quality locks and that everything is closed.

Recently, she also shared the conversation she had with Thirdy Lacson, the son of her partner, whom she also treats as her own child. In the screenshot, one can see a video of a particular dish sent by Thirdy to his Tita to which she asked if the former wanted to cook it for her or should she learn to cook it because he likes it. Thirdy then made “lambing” to his Tita for her to try learning how to cook the said dish because he likes it. The former actress then took a screenshot of their convo and posted it online along with a humorous caption.

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