Doug Kramer

Kendra Kramer's super cute makeover wows celebrities and netizens
Cheska Kramer just posted on social media about her eldest daughter, Kendra Kramer. The former actress posted Kendra's super cute makeover. Kendra will be turning 11 this coming June.
Doug Kramer shares struggle with finances at the start of marriage with Chesca Garcia
Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia shared about their struggles with their finances in the earlier part of their marriage. They shared how they started out as couples without their own house yet.
Kris Bernal gives a tour of her home in Los Angeles California
Kris Bernal was finally able to fulfill her followers and fans' long-time request. That is a home tour of her house in Los Angeles, California. The actress toured her viewers from the gate of their village to the clubhouse.
Nikka Garcia and Cheska Kramer's picture ends speculations on rumored rift
Patrick Garcia took to Instagram to share a photo of his wife Nikka Garcia with his sister Cheska Kramer. The photo ended speculations about Nikka and Cheska's rumored rift.