Lolit Solis defends herself after Ogie Diaz doubted her post on Heaven Peralejo
Lolit Solis claimed on social media that she never said that Heaven Peralejo asked for money and that she only said that Jinkee Pacquiao gave to her the money.
BB Gandanghari gets emotional in next chapter of love story with famous actor
BB Gandanghari narrated on YouTube how he told Jonathan that he loves him in a phone conversation for the first time when they got back to the Philippines.
Maine Mendoza fires back against accusation of ingratitude towards AlDub fans
Maine Mendoza's posts online are about the accusation of some AlDub fans that she does not appreciate being a part of the AlDub love team and their loyal fans.
Alfred Vargas’ wife Yasmine responds to netizen’s comment on Alfred’s weight loss
Alfred Vargas has taken to IG to share a photo of him sporting his slimmer body. One netizen then commented on his photo to air disfavor with his new figure.
Ogie Diaz, dinepensahan si Heaven Peralejo sa usaping pinansyal
Lolit Solis revealed that Ogie Diaz made clarifications about Heaven Peralejo’s current financial status after rumors that she asked 100k from Manny Pacquiao.
Janella Salvador saying “I’m not allowed to jump” draws netizens’ attention
Janella Salvador saying “I’m not allowed to jump” in Markus Paterson’s IG video drew mixed reactions. Social media users then could not help reacting to it.
Maureen Larrazabal, positibo sa COVID-19; Michael V. tinutulungan siyang makarekober
Maureen Larrazabal, who previously revealed about getting positive for COVID-19, shared how Michael V. backs her in her battle with the said viral diseases.
Lolit Solis, naglabas ng masasakit na salita laban kay BB Gandanghari
Lolit Solis' post came after BB Gandanghari slammed her for criticizing her decision to reveal that he got into a romantic relationship with a famous actor.
Tim Sawyer, nakipagtalo sa ex-girlfriend sa programa ni Tulfo
Tim Sawyer said that he's not denying that the child is his but is questioning why Winhelyn did not identify him as the father in the child’s birth certificate.
Darren Espanto firmly denies claim of bashers that he is gay
Darren Espanto was interviewed by Kyle Echarri and one of the topics they discussed is the rumor that Darren is gay. The singer completely denied the rumor.
KC Concepcion denies rumor that she is dating Piolo Pascual again
KC Concepcion posted on Instagram after rumors spread that they have reconciled and are even planning on getting married. The star completely denied the rumor.
BB Gandanghari tells next chapter of his love story with famous Pinoy actor
BB Gandanghari told the next chapter of his love story with a famous actor in the Philippines he called “Jonathan" using his popular but controversial vlog.
Julia Barretto, umaming mahirap minsan maging bahagi ng Barretto clan
Julia Barretto admitted in an in-depth interview with G3 San Diego that the hardest part about being a Barretto is the pressure and expectations from people.
Korina Sanchez, muntik na palang ikasal sa ex-BF bago maging sila ni Mar Roxas
Korina Sanchez told Toni Gonzaga on her program "I Feel U" that she almost got married to a former boyfriend and her wedding gown was already being created.
Ogie Diaz details cons of BB Gandanghari admitting romance with famous actor
Ogie Diaz said in his vlog that a same-sex relationship between two people should be kept a secret between the two if one party does not want it to be revealed.
Bugoy Cariño defends himself after vlogger criticized his romance with EJ Laure
Vlogger Angel Dei took to social media to express her frustration with the people who are defending EJ Laure for getting into a relationship with Bugoy Cariño.
Lloyd Cadena jokes about viral government official in his final Facebook post
Lloyd Cadena's final Facebook post was about National Youth Commission Chairperson Ryan Enriquez, who drew flak online for showing his face through a billboard.
Nadine Samonte slams fake news about her having a serious health condition
Nadine Samonte posted on social media about a fake news article saying she has diabetes and that she used a product called DiaRemedium to treat her illness.
Lolit Solis slams BB Gandanghari for revealing past romance with famous actor
Lolit Solis said on Instagram that BB should just have remained quiet since it happened a long time ago and she is already residing far away from the country.
Gary Valenciano gets accused of not defending ABS-CBN; his wife fires back
Gary Valenciano was accused online by a netizen of not defending ABS-CBN amid its crisis. His beloved wife, Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano, reacted to the post.
Gladys Guevarra cries after her fiancé allegedly left her & stole some of her money
Gladys Guevarra claimed that her fiancé left her along with some of the money she has earned through her business and that he is no longer responding to her.
Korina Sanchez slams netizen who bashed photo of Mar Roxas with their twins
Korina Sanchez went viral for aggressively respond to a netizen who bashed the photo on Instagram of her husband, Mar Roxas, with their twins, Pepe and Pilar.