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Discover everything you need to know before playing Tumbang Preso: The popular traditional game in the Philippines
⭐TUMBANG PRESO⭐ is one of the traditional games played by the Filipino children. The game is fun as it builds creativity and agility among the participants.
Sehun EXO biography: career, net worth, age, Instagram, full name
The South Korean star ⭐SEHUN⭐ is one of the members of EXO, the South Korean-Chinese boy group. He is the group's maknae whose talents have made him famous.
Chanyeol EXO biography: more about his wife, net worth, age, Instagram, daughter
⭐CHANYEOL⭐ is one of the most popular South Korean artists who enjoys an incredible following on Instagram. He is a prominent singer, actor, as well as a model.
Maris Racal biography: career, age, height, Instagram, awards, net worth, dating
⭐MARIS RACAL⭐ is one of the most celebrated Filipino actresses and singers of our time. Her amazing career has been marked with numerous awards and recognition.