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Neri Naig finds out that her business is being sabotaged
Neri Naig aired a statement after finding out that her business is being sabotaged. Even Chito Miranda fumed at the fact that there are scammers amid pandemic.
Zeus Collins pranks his mom about getting a woman pregnant; Vice Ganda joins the fun
Zeus Collins failed to answer a hilarious question correctly on “It’s Showtime." As a consequence, he had to prank his mother about getting a woman pregnant.
In photos: Trina Candaza, the gorgeous mom of Carlo Aquino’s first baby
Trina Candaza and Carlo Aquino recently welcomed their first child named Enola Mithi. We compiled some of the photos of Trina for those who do not know her yet.
Luchi Cruz-Valdes on her interview with KC Concepcion: ‘Nabigla ako roon!’
Luchi Cruz-Valdes said that her interview with KC Concepcion was "surprising." She admitted to being surprised after hearing her statement about her parents.