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Andrea Brillantes, nagkaroon ng hair, scalp condition kaya nagpagupit ng buhok
Andrea Brillantes discussed with Vicki Belo on why she had her long hair cut short. Her hair and scalp got affected after having her hair bleached six times.
Kuya Kim Atienza slams Mario Maurer’s treatment of Kakai Bautista
Kuya Kim Atienza criticized Thai actor Mario Maurer on social media regarding comedienne Kakai Bautista after Mario said that Rabiya Mateo is one of his fans.
Lolit Solis reacts to Robin Padilla’s financial issues: “Higpitan sinturon ng konti”
Lolit Solis posted about Robin Padilla’s recent revelation that the pandemic forced him to use some of the money he set aside for his children's education.
Jon Gutierrez releases emotional music video amidst issues with Jelai Andres
The title of Jon Gutierrez King Badger’s new hip-hop song is “SRRY,” which seems to be a song about his controversies with his celebrity wife, Jelai Andres.