The talented Ex Battalion members: Their real names, profile, and songs

Nothing quite sings musicians praises than viral songs mixed with cheeky humor, and that is exactly the kind of music that is released by Filipino hip hop group Ex Battalion, also known as ExB. The group has released sensational songs like Kakaiba and Hayaan Mo Sila. This group is everything that most millennials are looking for in a band. ExB has helped to shine a light on the local hip hop scene, which has led to the transformation of the Original Pinoy Music that we know and love.

Founded in 2012 by the CEO of the group Mark Magsalang, also known as Bosx1ne, Ex Battalion is a phenomenal group that has been featured in movies and guest-starred on television shows and held major concerts. With the group’s ascension in music charts, they have been ranked among the most successful mainstream hip hop groups in the country. Their tracks have dominated the entertainment and music scene and have become the theme songs for millennials, which has made the group’s years of hard work worth it.

Ex Battalion profile summary

There have been tremendous speculations regarding the Ex Battalion members. Most people tend to frequently ask, ‘How many members does Ex Battalion have?’ According to the leader of the group Bosx1ne, the group began with 3 members in a rap contest during a barangay fiesta before others joined in. Currently, the group has more than 10 members. They all began rapping on the streets while they were teenagers.

The members of the group became stars with the release of ‘Hayaan Mo Sila’, which dominated downloading and streaming sites and social media. ExB members are Bossx1ne, Flow-G, Skusta Clee, Brando, Emcee Rhenn, King Badger, Bullet-D, Jnske, Cent, Jekkpot, Hudass, Mckoy, KentMNL, Reid Villavicencio, Jomar Lovena, and Flip-D.

Ex Battalion members real names and profiles

This sensational hip hop group has enjoyed success due to the different talented members involved. These profiles will give you details on Ex Battalion members birthdays, their real names, age, and any details of their personal lives.

1. Bosx1ne

Fun fact

2. Flow G

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3. Brando

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4. Skusta Clee

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5. King Badger

Fun facts

6. Emcee Rhenn

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7. Bullet-D

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8. Reid Villavicencio

Fun facts

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9. Jnske

Fun fact

10. Kent MNL

11. Hudass

Position: Label member/artist, rapper (2015–present)

12. Cent

13. Jekkpot

14. Mckoy

Position: Label member/sub-artist, rapper (2014–present)

Ex Battalion songs

It was long before the group released its first hit song Need You in 2016. However, they were able to carve their success in the music industry with a series of big hits like No Games and Tell Me. These songs enabled them to get into the Top 10 of the Philippines' hit charts. From this point onwards, they began releasing singles that went viral like Come with Me and Hayaan Mo Sila, which is their biggest hit to date.

ExB enjoys a great YouTube presence with its songs accumulating over 470 million views on the site. With around 1.97 million subscribers on their YouTube channel Ex Battalion Music, their song with O.C Dawgs Hayaan Mo Sila is the most popular with 79 million views. Other incredible songs by this group include:

Ex Battalion albums

The first album released by the group was X, which came out on February 3rd, 2016 and contains 15 songs. It was released under Ex Battalion Music. ExB's other albums include 6 Years, Hayaan Mo Sila, Pakinabang, Ex Battalion the Concert, Southboys, Tell Me, Ikaw Kase, No Games, Darating Din and many more.

Ex Battalion was not an overnight success. The members had to work on their music for years before getting their big break in 2016. The amazing group has revolutionized Pinoy hip hop with their viral songs and music videos. ExB songs are the soundtrack of this generation and our lives.

The main members of Ex Battalion are constantly receiving offers to be featured in movies, and their future looks brighter than ever.

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