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Nuest is a South Korean kpop band with young and talented members. The band was established by Pledis Entertainment back in 2012. The boys have since become among the best because of their melodious voices and electrifying performances. Nuest profile might help you discover what many people do not know about the group.

The group is made up of five members, namely JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren. Some of the members were participants in the 2nd season of Produce 101. This was the birth of the Nuest W profile which was made up of four members.

Nuest debut

No doubt, Nuest debut EP W showcased their talent to the world. The lead single in the EP, Where You At, received a warm reception from its fans across the Asian continent.

Nuest members profile summary

The following are some of the NU’EST songs and profile summary about what they like, dislike, and fun facts about every member of the group.

1. JR

Facts about JR

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2. Aron

Facts about Aron

3. Baekho

Facts about Baekho

4. Minhyun

Facts about Minhyun

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5. Ren

Facts about Ren

More about the group

Below is additional information about the group:


Since the release of Nuest album, Re:Birth, the boy band has continued to release catchy songs that have received positive feedback from its fans. Their discography entails two studio albums, five mini-albums, one compilation album, and four singles.

The following is a list of the top ten best Nuest songs:

  1. Action (2012)
  2. Not Over You (2012)
  3. Face (2012)
  4. Sleep Talking (2013)
  5. I’m Bad (2015)
  6. Good Bye Bye (2014)
  7. Na Na Na Namido (2015)
  8. Overcome (2016)
  9. Shalala Ring (2014)
  10. Sandy (2012)

One of the biggest challenge that has brought the band down is their poor management and promotion cycles that led to a downward trend in their careers.

Social media accounts

Despite the many setbacks, the group did its best to maintain a positive attitude. You can follow them using the following handles:

Nuest profile has highlighted every aspect of the member's personal and career lives. Importantly, just like any other entertainment industry, there are no guarantees or smooth rides. The members have been up and down the K-pop charts, learning their lessons the hard way.

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