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OMG is not just the popular expression people love to use when surprised. It also stands for the amazingly beautiful South Korean girl group Oh My Girl. The group debuted in April 20, 2015 and is rocking the K-pop industry with a bang.

Oh My Girl was an eight piece girl group until Jiho departed due to health issues. The group currently has seven members, namely Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie and Arin. It attributes its success to WM Entertainment that identified their flair in music.

Oh My Girl profile summary

Behind the beautiful ladies, there are many unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Here is everything you need to know about Oh My Girl members.


Facts about Hyojung


Facts about Mimi


Facts about YooA


Facts about Seunghee


Facts about Jiho


Facts about Binnie


Facts about Arin

Former member JinE

Facts about JinE

Oh My Girl fandom name

The group decided to call their official fan club name, ‘Miracle’, from their song “B612”.

Oh My Girl discography

Since Oh My Girl debut in April 2015, the girl group has been occupied releasing hits in their Oh My Girl album namely:

  1. Oh My Girl Japan Debut Album (2019)
  2. The Fifth Season (2019)
  3. Oh My Girl Japan 2nd Album (2019)
  4. Eternally (2020)

Some of the best Oh My Girl songs include:

Oh My Girl official account

Oh My Girl continues to push through the challenging K-pop industry by releasing a more sensational album in 2020. This Japanese album, Eternally, is set for early 2020 and is bound to keep their fans fired-up.

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