Loona profile: members, albums, Instagram, and fun facts

As the trend of K-pop groups heats up in Korea, which mostly consists of boys, the girls are not slacking. One such group is Loona. Loona profile might help you to learn more exciting facts about the members of this renowned group.

Most of Loona songs are in their extended plays and albums they have released since the group launched. Based on their release schedule, it is clear that the group is active and always debuting new singles. The drive for success from the 12 members of the group looks like a good thing so far in making Loona successful in the long run.

Loona members profile summary

Loona debut was in 2018 although group members were already being introduced. Here are the profile summaries of all the members.

1. Gowon Loona profile

She is a January girl because she was presented in January 2018.

Go Won fun facts

2. Olivia Hye

She is a March girl (presented in 2018).

Olivia Hye fun facts

3. Vivi

She was announced in April.

Vivi fun facts

4. Kim Lip

Kim Lip’s English name was Annie but she changed it to Ashley.

Kim Lip fun facts

5. Choerry

She has an interesting and unique hobby - collecting pens.

Choerry fun facts

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6. JinSoul

She is one of the tallest members of the group.

JinSoul fun facts

7. Heejin

She has many nicknames, among them - Heekkie (“Bunny”), Founder (She founded the Loonaverse), and Ambitious Bunny.

Heejin fun facts

8. Yves

Her representative fruit is an apple.

Yves fun facts

9. Haseul Loona profile

As of the writing of this piece, she will be taking a temporary break from the activities of the group.

Haseul fun facts

10. Chuu

Name: Kim Ji-woo

Chuu fun facts

11. Kim Hyunjin Loona profile

Name: Kim Hyun-jin

Stage name: Hyunjin

Day of birth: November 15, 2000

Age: 19 years old

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Nationality: Korean

Height: 163 centimeters or 5 feet and 4 inches

Weight: 47 kilograms or 103 pounds

Blood type: AB

Position: Vocalist, rapper, visual, and dancer

Hyunjin fun facts

12. Yeojin

Yeojin fun facts

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Loona discography

The Loona kpop group has a large collection of music. Here is the breakdown;

Extended plays


Loona albums

Social media accounts

This group runs active social media accounts to connect with its fans and the world at large. Here are their account details;

After checking out Loona profile, it is easy to develop preferences for a particular member or some of them. Who among the members is your favorite? Besides that, how do you find the music that the group has released so far?

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