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Day6 boyband is one of the South Korea’s K-pop rising stars. It debuted under the renowned JYP Entertainment in 2015. Initially, there were six members in the group, but currently, there are five of them. Being new to the industry, Day6 has already managed to gain a lot of fans due to their unique voices and passion in their music. Are you familiar with band's profile?

There are five members under the Day6 band. Day6 members names are Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil, Dowoon, and Young K. Although the famous group has only been in the industry for about five years now, they have managed to woo the hearts of many fans in the entertainment industry.

Day6 members profile

Here are Day6 members’ real names, age, birthdays, and random facts.

Jae Day6 profile

Facts about Jae

Young k Day6 profile

Facts about Young K


Facts about Sungjin


Facts about Wonpil


Facts about Dowoon

Junhyeok Day6 profile

Facts about Junhyeok

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Official account

Here is the group's official Instagram account:

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Day6 band members have been the talk of the town since their debut. The details above represent Day6 members birthdays, age, and names. It is advisable to follow their social media platforms to stay updated.

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