CLC profile: Get a crystal clear view of each member

CLC, which is an acronym for Crystal Clear, is one of the South Korean girl groups, which was formed in 2015 by Cube Entertainment. It consists of 7 girls who are all undeniably pretty. CLC profile might help you to learn more exciting facts about the members of this renowned group.

There were just five original girls in the group when it debuted in 2015. The five original members made their first appearance as back-up dancers for G.NA in 2014. It was a year after when Elkie and Eunbin were added to the group. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, there are a lot more CLC facts that you need to know.

CLC members profile summary

Although the girls are somehow underrated, there is much about them that people would surely love. Below is everything you need to know about the girls.


Facts about Seungyoon


Facts about Seunghee


Facts about Yujin


Facts about Sorn


Facts about Yeeun


Facts about Elkie


Facts about Eunbi

CLC discography

Before their official debut, the group began to gain publicity through street performances that raised money for children with disabilities. The kind act of the group was featured on their online reality show CLC's Love Chemistry.

When CLC was debuted in 2015 (with just five members), it also released its first-ever extended play named First Love, including its lead single, Pepe. Their debut showcase was held the day before at the Acts Hotel in Seoul, where they performed their debut song for the first time. The song Pepe is a retro dance number, wherein some parts of it was choreographed by Rain.

They also launched their digital single called Eighteen in April 2016. The song was about a teenage love influenced by the '70s and '80s. After the release of some of their hit songs, on October 2015, the group held their first overseas promotional tour in Malaysia entitled First Love Promo Tour in Malaysia.

After a year, Elkie Chong and Kwon Eunbin were added to the group. Along with the debut of the two new members, was the release of CLC's third extended play, Refresh, and its carrying single, High Heels.

The famous CLC Hobgoblin song is one of the six tracks under their fifth Korean EP, Crystyle, which was released in 2017.

Crystyle introduced the revamped image for the group, with a more charismatic, hip-hop concept.

Besides those mentioned above, CLC has released more songs since their debut. Below is the list of some of their albums and the tracks under them;

  1. Café Mocha Please
  2. Pepe
  3. Sharala
  4. First Love
  5. Open the Window
  1. What Planet Are You From?
  2. No oh oh
  3. One, Two, Three
  4. Day by Day
  5. Dear My Friend
  6. It's Too Late
  1. Where are You?
  2. Bae
  3. I Like It
  4. Call My Name
  5. Summer Kiss
  6. Hold Your Hand
  1. Black Dress
  2. Like That
  3. Distance
  4. To The Sky
  5. 7th
  1. Me

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Social media accounts

If you want to be updated about their personal lives, you can follow them on their Instagram accounts:

You can also follow the group's official accounts

All the facts mentioned above prove that each girl has an outstanding CLC profile - they are all beautiful, talented, and good-hearted. No wonder why their fans are loving them.

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