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2PM is a South Korean boy-band that is owned and managed by JYP Entertainment. Initially, the band was started by Park Jin-Young, a Korean Musician and comprised of eleven members. However, the group split into two, forming 2AM and 2PM. The current 2PM members include Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. Their former leader Jaebeom left the group in 2010 and has never returned.

The six-member band debuted with the single hit “10 Points Out of 10 Points.” Apart from the exemplary singing talent, they have also entertained their fans with breath-taking acrobatic dance styles. This was the case during the launch of their first song; fans were treated to electrifying song and dance performances.

However, it was not until the release of their single "Again and Again" that they reached the number 1 target. Both "10 points out of 10 points" and "Again and Again" were featured in their album titled 1:59 PM that was released in 2009. From then, they have released various albums, including Grown (2013), Go Crazy (2014), No.5 (2015), and Gentlemen's Game (2016).

2PM members profile

Here is all you need to know about your favorite boy-band, 2PM:

Jun. K

Jun.K facts


2PM members Nichkhun facts


2PM members Taecyeon facts

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2PM members Wooyoung facts


2PM members Junho facts


2PM members Chansung facts

2PM members facts

Apart from individual member profiles and facts, here are a few things about the entire group as a whole.

2PM official accounts

If you are a 2PM group fan, then you should be privy with facts like how many 2PM members can speak English? Or even which ones left. Apart from individual accounts, 2PM has a group account as follows:


Before admission of the group, some members had already gained lots of experience from other companies. One of these is Jun.K who had already appeared in several singing competitions and events. Besides, Ok Taecyeon, Lee Junho, and Chansung had taken part in SuperStar Survival.

Initially, all the members of 2PM were members of One day. In this one group, Jaeborn was the leader following inter-house competitions among them. Later, One Day split into a four-member 2 AM and seven-member 2PM.

2PM members birthdays are always celebrated in rounds. Starting from the ones who came earlier in the year to the ones whose birthdays fall on the last quarter of the year. Noticeably, they are nearly the same age group given the small 2PM members age gap.

Members who left

When you go through the original 2PM members names, you will realize that one of their members, Jaebeom left the group. Before he left, he was the leader of the band. His appearances with the group were limited, as he left shortly after their debut.


Here are their works since formation:

Korean albums

Japanese albums

JYP Nation tours

There are six 2PM members in total. The number was seven before the exit of Jaebeom. They perform both Korean and Japanese songs with tours covering these regions, respectively. 2PM members abs is proof of their background; some members are enlisted in the military while others have already been discharged.

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