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EXID is a South Korean girl group formed in 2012. It is made up of five members, namely Hani, Jung Hwa, LE, Hyelin, and Solji. Before they rose to fame, the group met in somewhat unfamiliar ways and went through the toughest of odds to break through the South Korean entertainment industry. Initially, there were six EXID members. However, three of them left the group after some time. When Hyelin and Soji joined the band, the number of members upped to five, which is actual now.

The first team comprised of six members. EXID members names who pioneered the music group include Hani, Jung Hwa, LE, Yeji, Dami, and Haeryung. However, the group hasn’t been without challenges since its formation. Just a few months inside their debut year, AB entertainment, the owner of the EXID group, announced that three members of the group were leaving.

It was a dark moment for them when these EXID members left the team just months after formation. Although AB entertainment said that Dami and Yuji had exited to concentrate on their studies while Haeyung was off to focus on her other career as an actress, it didn't sit well with the rest of the group and fans.

After all these, the group came back together with the entry of Solji and Hyelin. Eventually, they went ahead and released their first single “I Feel Good” under their first EP “Hippity Hop." The wheel continued rolling, and the group kept releasing singles, including the October 11 ‘Hey Boy’ which was chosen as the soundtrack for the MBC’s sitcom The Thousandth man.

EXID members profile

Here is all you need to know about those who stayed:

1. Solji

Facts about Solji

2. Hani

Hani facts

3. LE

LE’s facts

4. Hyerin

Facts about EXID members Hyerin

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5. Junghwa

Facts about Junghwa

Former members of EXID

As you know by now, some members of EXID left. EXID members original number was six but reduced to five since three people left, and two joined. So why did EXID members leave? Well, according to AB Entertainment, these EXID members left to concentrate on other personal matters. Dami and Yuji left to focus on their studies while Haeryung left to focus on a career as an actress.

1. Na Hae Ryung

Facts about Haeryung

2. Jung Yu Ji

Facts about Jung Yu Ji

3. Kang Hye Yeon

Facts about Kang Hye Yeon


Apart from singing, the group has also made inroads in the filming industry as follows:

Reality shows


Awards and nominations

EXID has so far won four awards and 22 music awards. Their first award came on January 8, 2015, under the M! Countdown. They later made subsequent successes under "Up & Down," and other wins on Music Bank, The Music Trend, and The Show.

One thing about EXID members age is the small margin between them. They are young, fresh, creative, and lit. Their performances continue to reverberate among South Koreans and fans across the world, thanks to their talent. When some of the members left and later joined BESTie, people thought it was going to be the end of the group, but EXID members never disappoint; they came back stronger and better.

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