Ethel Booba's funny take on election-related issues

Ethel Booba's funny take on election-related issues

Comedian Ethel ‘Booba’ Gabison tweets funny election-related posts during the entire campaign season.

 Comedian Ethel Booba was known for her movies and TV appearances as she plays a ditzy and naïve character. Her name ‘Booba’ combines the two Filipino words “Boba” or stupid and “Boob,” which denotes that she is someone who is seemingly stupid that has a big breast.

Contrary to popular belief, this comedian who plays a ditzy role on TV is really witty and smart! She proves to us that she’s both funny and intelligent with her almost satirical twitter posts.

Ethel shows us her pithy side prior to elections with her hilarious tweets that went instantly viral with every post. During the elections day on May 9, she has been especially humorous as she tackled all the issues that arose during that day onwards.

She tweeted about the controversial ‘ballot selfies’ of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. “It's legal to take photos of your blank ballot. Dapat wala pang shade. Kaso kitang kita na naka shades sila. Charot!” (It’s leal to take photos of your blank ballot. There shouldn’t be any shade. But it’s clearly seen that they’re wearing shades. Joke!)

In a series of tweets, she also criticized all of the candidates while remaining to be humorous. With the hashtag #BOOBatanteReport, she made jokes about the issue of vote counting machines printing receipts with the wrong candidates. She started joking about a senior citizen voting for Jejomar Binay and getting a receipt from the VCM with “an overpriced cake” of Goldilocks in it. She then proceeded to joke about an ex-drug addict getting a warrant of arrest when he voted for Duterte then an OFW voting for Poe but “Hilary Clinton” was the name written on the receipt. Ethel also has something on Miriam about her gay voters, on Mar Roxas on the Yolanda funds ruckus, and even on Roy Seneres.

Ethel also answered bashers who said that he hopes that her brain are big just like her boobs, and that she should use her brain in voting not her breasts. She answered with a smart reply, “Kamay po ang ginamit ko pagboto. Buti yung utak mo nakahawak ng marker. Charot!” (I used my hand for voting. It’s a good thing your brain can hold a marker. Joke!)

Thank you Ethel for helping to lighten the mood during the heavy elections period and continue to tweet “Charot!” every time.



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