Smartmatic commits breach of protocol

Smartmatic commits breach of protocol

Smartmatic commits breach of protocol
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Former Comelec commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal in a recent  interview on ANC said he believed that Smartmatic “definitely committed a breach of protocol” and that there was a problem with the consolidation of votes.

Larrazabal questioned why Smartmatic was not forthright in answering questions on the issue.  He also strongly urged an audit of the canvassing and consolidation system all over the country, as well as an emphasis on official count.

Larrazabal reminded everyone, however, that the Philippines needed a new President as soon as possible.

“It’s important we have a President by June 30,” he said. 

Hash code alterations

The technology provider Smartmatic recently drew criticism for altering an election-related hash code without the permission of the Comelec  en banc.

The hash code is part of the system that receives election results.

The reported breach happened at Pope Pius XII Catholic Center, Manila, which houses the server where media outlets base their unofficial tallies.

When Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon was asked about the issue, she replied: “Smartmatic should have informed the commission en banc what is the problem, what are the consequences, and then given us recommendations on how to fix it. They should not have touched that program without our prior knowledge and official consent.”

"They should have not touched that program without our prior knowledge and our official consent. If you do any change perhaps just to make it look nicer, it’s our property," she said in an earlier interview, "this automated election system is property of the Comelec and we are accountable to the people. They are not supposed to touch it without our permission," Guanzon added.

However, Comelec assured that the results of the elections were not altered. All the same, Guanzon has promised the public that she and her fellow commissioners will study the incident and “get to the bottom of this.”



Comelec confirms server script alteration



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