Kylie Padilla admits to having fought her own battle with depression

Kylie Padilla admits to having fought her own battle with depression

- Kylie Padilla reveals her own struggles with depression

- According to the actress, it took her several years to realize that she needed help

- She also has a message to her followers who might be going through the same situation

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Having struggled with her own battle with depression, actress Kylie Padilla revealed her hardships going through it in observance of World Mental Health Day.

On her Instagram post, she shared that there was a point in her life which she felt that what she was going through was invalid and didn’t matter enough to be talked about.

“When I was a teenager, alot of the people responsible for my well being always labelled me as “depressed” among other things. During a time when things were so confusing and so traumatic these harmful words were being thrown around to try and silence and calm a very messy storm in our lives. And maybe it was just a quick and easy way of trying to pacify the situation, so that just became the resolution. You are just depressed. To the point where it felt like what I was feeling felt invalid and didn’t even matter enough to be heard or even discussed. I remember feeling so angry when I heard anyone even say the word. That word almost instantly dehumanised me.”

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She also added that she just handled her situation by accepting her ‘label’ as depressed, not knowing that she had to treat herself from it. It took several years before getting the help that she needed.

“At that time I didn’t understand what that word even really meant, but since that was my label, I guess that’s what I was?... It was only later that I began to understand how dangerous it was for the situation to be handled that way. During that time I was feeling emotions I did not yet understand, I did not know how to process them or work through them. So naturally I just kept silencing them until they came out in my behaviour. It took some few years of denial, self pity, rebellion and breaking down of the ego for me to realise that I was in need of some healing from a past that wasn’t handled so well. And in a-lot of positive ways I’m proud of who I have become. But everyday takes work, patience and forgiveness.”

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Kylie also has a message in order to support her followers if they ever go through it or if already experiencing the same situation.

“That is what I want to share with you, be patient with yourself. Understand that your emotions need to be heard, processed and understood. If not by someone you love and trust, then by you. It takes empathy to allow space for healing, love and trust. If you cannot find it others, you must fight and learn to give it to yourself, you then learn to give it to someone else. You can do it.”

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Kylie Nicole Sicango Padilla-Abrenica or better know as Kylie Padilla is an actress and model. She is the daughter of actor Robin Padilla and the wife of actor Aljur Abrenica.

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