Rude driver counterflows & blocks taxi in Quezon City; boasts to be a soldier

Rude driver counterflows & blocks taxi in Quezon City; boasts to be a soldier

- SUV driver counterflows and blocks a taxi in Quezon City

- Both drivers settled their disagreement after explaining their sides to the police

- Meanwhile, the SUV driver cleared up that he is not part of the army

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SUV driver who claims to be a soldier counterflows and blocks a taxi in Quezon City.

In a report by GMA News – 24 Oras, the drivers of the SUV and taxi had a road dispute and their disagreement that caused traffic was caught on video and went viral in social media.

In the video, the guy [SUV driver] wearing a white shirt is angry and venting out to the taxi driver in Bandera Street, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City last Friday (October 4, 2019).

The SUV driver exclaimed, “May pumapasok d’yan. Ayaw niyang pagbigyan!! ‘Di ka aalis! ‘Di ka aalis’!”

After this, he went back to his car and directed his SUV to the taxi to counterflow. The taxi driver attempted several times to reverse and drive away but it seemed that the SUV driver has no intention of letting him go.

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During the counterflow, the SUV driver also claimed, “Commander Karl Kaw, kung gusto n'yo akong i-complain, i-complain n'yo ako. Sundalo ako. Tagapagligtas ng Pilipinas. Subukan n’yo. Subukan n’yo akong i-complain!”

The incident caused traffic in the area but the Quezon City police arrived and prevented it to become an even bigger disagreement.

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Both parties explained their sides in the precinct. In the end, the two drivers decided to settle the case concluding in an agreement between them and get over it.

Meanwhile, the SUV driver cleared up his claim to be a soldier of the Philippines and that he has no any further connections to the army. However, he has expressed his thoughts on filing a case to the person who uploaded the video that went viral.

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