Claudia Barretto admits to having mental health problems

Claudia Barretto admits to having mental health problems

- Claudia Barretto admits to battling mental health problems

- She became passionate about the issue and recently launched an online mental health awareness campaign- Mind Games

- Her advocacy aims to create a community and promote through art by means of music

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Claudia Barretto bravely admitted that she fought her own battle against a mental health problem. And having experienced this, she became passionate in raising awareness to take a step and help those who are experiencing the same troubles as her.

In a report by PUSH, Claudia attempts to promote the issue by launching Mind Games, an online campaign which aims to create a community of artists who pursues the same objectives and would also like to reach out to those who are undergoing mental health battles.

“I’ve had my own experience - which people will hear more about it when we release more content.”

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To further support her cause, the 20-year old decided to shift from a management course to a psychology program so she will be able to expand her knowledge and voice out her thoughts with credibility.

“That’s actually recent. I shifted out of my previous course - management. Now, I’m just taking up Psychology so that I just know what I’m talking about. So that I can just give more reliable insights.”

According to her, it takes a lot of sacrifice going through it and she appreciates the fact that she has strong support system from her family. It is very important that there are people who will be there for you and understand you while you’re going through it.

“Well, it really takes sacrifice. There are things that I have to sacrifice. There are weekends I can’t go see my friends. But it’s all about balance. I try my best to be really organized and manage my time well. I’m committing myself so many things. I’m a student at first. Singer second and recently I just launched a mental health campaign. It’s called Mind Games. And people can follow me on social media Mind Games by Claudia.”

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The official Instagram account of the campaign (@mindgamesbyclaudia) will soon be posting content that encourages having a ‘sound mind’ or being mentally well. Promotion will be through art, by means of music.

“Mind Games is a mental health awareness campaign. It’s online. And it’s going to be promoted through the use of art - specifically music. So, we’ve been working on content that will bring together and marry the two - music and bring awareness to mental health.”

Claudia Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. She’s a college student, as well as, a singer who tries to balance both studies and her career.

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