Fact check: Does sleeping late or working at night increases the risk of early death?

Fact check: Does sleeping late or working at night increases the risk of early death?

- A study about the effect of one’s sleeping time to his/her health was conducted

- Over 430,000 participated in the study in Britain

- Sleeping late at night could also cause multiple health issues

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Sleep has a great impact on one’s health. The sleeping time of a person can also highly affect his or her well-being.

KAMI learned that those who stay up late or work late at night has a high risk of dying younger compared to morning persons.

As reported by French news agency Agence France-Presse, a 6.5-year study was conducted to over 430,000 people in Britain to know how can their sleeping time affect their health.

According to the study, the “night owls” have 10-percent higher risk of dying earlier.

Fact check: Does sleeping late or working at night increases the risk of early death?

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"Night owls trying to live in a morning-lark world may [suffer] health consequences," said Kristen Knutson of the Northwestern University in Chicago.

The respondents identified themselves as the following:

  • “Definitely a morning person” – 27%
  • “More a morning person than evening person” – 35%
  • “More an evening than a morning person” – 28%
  • “Definitely an evening person” – 9%

It was also mentioned in the study that those who stayed up late were likely to suffer from diabetes, psychological disorders, stomach and breathing problems, and had few hours of sleep per night.

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"People who are up late have an internal biological clock that doesn't match their external environment," Knutson said.

"It could be psychological stress, eating at the wrong time for the body, not exercising enough, not sleeping enough, being awake at night by yourself, maybe drug or alcohol use,” she added.

As stated in the study, about 10,500 deaths were recorded from the late-night group.

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