Alarming effect of taking paracetamol while pregnant unveiled

Alarming effect of taking paracetamol while pregnant unveiled

- Pregnant women are advised to lessen the use of paracetamol

- A study showed the alarming effect of taking the medicine during pregnancy

- The negative effect will reflect on the soon-to-be-born kids

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Paracetamol is considered by many people as one of the cheapest yet effective medicines for fever and mild-to-moderate pain.

KAMI learned, however, that the said medication has an alarming effect, especially among expectant mothers.

A study from Bristol University revealed that pregnant women who take paracetamol have higher chances of giving birth to a child with behavioral issues.

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In an article published by (authored by Eleanor Hayward), scientists discovered that there is a link between moms who take such medicine and children who are hyperactive and have emotional issues.

There were 14 thousand kids (aging from six months to 11 years) that were examined just to find out the truth, and their IQ, memory, behavior, and temperament were all analyzed.

The results were linked to how often their mothers take paracetamol when they were still pregnant.

Based on the study, the effects are more evident when the child reaches three years old, but they mostly fade when the kid finishes primary school.

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Because of this, pregnant women are advised to only take the “lowest possible dose of paracetamol” to avoid any complications.

“At present, in my opinion, women should only use paracetamol in pregnancy if clearly needed. The lowest dose for the shortest time should be taken,” Dr James Dear of the University of Edinburgh quipped.

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