10 golden rules every 'beki' should know

10 golden rules every 'beki' should know

Being gay entails following the Beki Code, which is similar to the 10 commandments of Christians.

These rule guide gays mainly in relationships and to maintain good friendship with their gay friends. Below are the top 10 golden rules under the Beki Code.

10 golden rules every 'beki' should know

1. Beks Before Sex Rule

Gays should prioritize gay friends than guys. This is similar to men’s rule of “Bros before whores”. The reason behind this is that friends will be there for you always, guys will not. As some relationships go, it may lead to break-up.

2. Ang Kay Aya ay Kay Aya Rule

Gays take relationships seriously and will not tolerate friends and other gays who steal their boyfriends. Thus, one must clearly define their status to set boundaries to their friends. This rule also applies to gays during courtship or “maybe” relationships.

3. Lalaki Lang Yan Rule

Do you often wonder why gays can easily recover or bounce back when the relationship turned sour or when it led to a break up? This is because gays think that there are a lot of fish in the sea and can move on to another relationship if the previous is no longer working. This also applies to remind gays not to fight over men simply because “they’re just men”.

4. One Week Grace Period Rule

If a gay person has the hots for a guy who was an ex-fling of his friend, there is a one week grace period that must be followed. However, it is very important that the guy in question is not an ex, but a hook up or a f*ck buddy of your friend.

5. Hand Me Down Rule

This is in relation with the previous rule, if the friend is not heartbroken with the break up, it means that he is not serious with his ex. This nullifies the Ang Kay Aya ay Kay Aya Rule.

6. The Use of Beki Language Rule

One of the main characteristics of Filipino gays is the use of beki language, which is like an alien verse to the native tongue. The language can be used as a disguise when sensitive issues are being discussed. Moreover, a gay person can express himself fully when using the language.

7. Light of the Day Rule

No matter how much alcohol you drink, do not be hasty. Make sure you go home with the best fish from the ocean. However, in relation with this rule is the “Merman theory”. This is when true love comes in when the guy is not that good looking.

8. Mutual Friend Rule

This rule applies when one is browsing his friend’s “friends list” and spotted a cute guy. If there is a spark or a love at first sight, make a courtesy call to your friend and tell him about it. Add the cute guy upon getting your friend’s permission.

9. Silence is Golden Rule

This mandates that you must be silent about your friends’ affairs. Be loyal to your friends, but only for their best interests.

10. “Meet you at brunch” Rule

A gay must make himself available at brunch most of the time. Brunch is the most social of meals where the juiciest gossips must be discussed. Also, brunch is the time before you head on with your errands.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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