Will Sara Duterte be the "First Lady"?

Will Sara Duterte be the "First Lady"?

With the recent unofficial and partial election results, Mayor Davao City Rodrigo Duterte has been the frontrunner while Mar Roxas and Grace Poe have both conceded at this point. With Duterte being the clear yet unofficial winner, will his daughter Sara Duterte become the “first lady”?

Rodrigo Duterte is currently married to Honeylet Avancena but has three kids from his previous wife Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman. He has two sons (Paolo and Sebastian) and one daughter (Sara) with Elizabeth.

Will Sara Duterte be the "First Lady"?
Sara Duterte has been married since 2007 to her fellow lawyer Mans Carpio, and she currently has two children: an adopted daughter nicknamed

Usually the wife or husband of the president will officially be the ‘first lady’ or ‘first gentleman’ respectively. In Duterte’s case however, his daughter Sara Duterte volunteered to take the title of the “first lady.” He explained that this is because “she’s the Alpha of the family.”

Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson, Peter Lavina, discussed how Sara will act as the first lady. He said, “Her role as first lady will not be on a day-to-day basis. She’ll be there only during state dinners, state visits

Now that Duterte will most probably be the next president, does Sara still want to be the “first lady”?

Sara has now revealed, however, that she doesn’t want it anymore. In an interview Sara announced her firm decision on not taking the first lady title, “Wala akong plano na maging First Lady. Siyempre, pag nagsabi sila na tutulong, tutulong ako. Kung magiging mayor ako ng Davao sa 2016, gusto ko nakatutok ako sa trabaho...” (I don’t have any plans of being First Lady. But of course, if they ask for help, I will give them my help. If I become the mayor of Davao this 2016, I wan to be able to focus on my work.)

Rodrigo’s eldest daughter, also a lawyer, held the position of mayor for Davao City for three years from 2010 to 2013.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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