Marcos Comics Paints Bongbong as Victim

Marcos Comics Paints Bongbong as Victim

While Mar Roxas gets depicted as a hero in Yolanda, VP bet Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.  got painted as a victim in his own comics booklet released last October 2015.

Titled "Asikasong Bongbong Tuloy Tuloy!," the comics book tells the story of Bongbong's upbringing, albeit vaguely, from his youth to his life as a politician.

The 18-page comics book is posted on Bongbong's Facebook page.

Their experience during the Martial Law has been largely omitted, except for their exile to Hawaii, in which Bongbong was portrayed as a clueless victim of US soldiers.

Marcos Comics Paints Bongbong as Victim
Bongbong shows his version of his family's exile, painting them more as victims.

This is one of many ways in which Marcos skirted around accepting the reality of Martial Law.

According to a report from GMA News Online, the senator denied any need to apologize when asked about Martial Law atrocities.

His deliberate failure to acknowledge his family's sins to the country has received much criticism.

Photo accessed from Bongbong Marcos's Facebook page.




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