Sandro Marcos backtracks on "#DayaangMatuwid" tweet

Sandro Marcos backtracks on "#DayaangMatuwid" tweet

Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos’ son, Sandro Marcos, backtracked on his #DayaangMatuwid” tweet.

 On May 9 evening, Bongbong Marcos was leading in the vice presidential unofficial and partial results. When morning came, Leni Robredo of Daang Matuwid was able to follow and even surpass Bongbong’s numbers.

On the same night, the son of Bongbong Marcos, Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos, tweeted a question on why the total number of votes for the President did not match the total number for the Vice President votes and even used the hash tag “#DayaangMatuwid,” which is a hit to Liberal Party’s main thrust. Sandro received flak for his tweet with some bashers saying that there are many factors to why that is like the concepts of abstain, void ballots, etc.

Because of the negative criticisms he received, the controversial tweet was taken down.

In a few tweets, however, he backtracked on his “#DayaangMatuwid” saying that, in fact, he didn’t really delete his tweet. He tweeted, “Didn't delete my tweet, wouldn't be saying this otherwise frustration and anger get the best of us. I guess tomorrow nalang Makita.” (Didn’t delete my tweet, wouldn’t be saying this otherwise frustration and anger get the best of us. I guess we’ll just see tomorrow.)

On his next tweet, the 18-year old son of Bongbong apologized and admitted that he was stressed when he tweeted that: “As per @rapplerdotcom said, I didn't delete the tweet, but I did say that. Apologies and it's been a stressful time.“

After he said those, Sandro proceeded to support his father by tweeting #RecountVP and thanking the “vast level of support” that they’ve been getting.

Sandro didn’t explain how or why his tweet was not ‘deleted’ but he did admit that the tweet was really from him.

What do you think of Sandro’s response to his own “#DayaangMatuwid”?




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