Filipinos Just Want Simple, Comfortable Life, Not Riches – Survey

Filipinos Just Want Simple, Comfortable Life, Not Riches – Survey

Surprisingly, a latest survey found out that Filipinos do not wish to have a lot of money, most of us want simple and comfortable life.

National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) entitled “Ambisyon Natin 2040,” which aims to find out about the aspirations of Filipinos. The data will be used on long term planning for the country to ensure that these dreams will be met.

The survey was conducted among 10,000 respondents, aged 15-50, earlier this year. According to the results, 79 percent of the respondents claimed that they want a simple life that is defined by having a medium-sized home, enough salary to support family, children’s education, and vacation in local places, and at least one car.

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16.9 percent of the participants dream of an affluent life, while 3.9 percent dreams the life of a socialite.

“This is first time we have asked respondents to characterize what well-being means to them in very concrete terms. What we want to happen from here on is that government projects will all be evaluated against this benchmark or barometer,” Rappler cited NEDA Deputy Director-General Rosemarie G. Edillon.

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More importantly, 72 percent of Filipinos believe that a comfortable standard of living can be achieved by 2040, while 25 percent of the respondents hope that Filipinos are rich by then.

It is undeniable that some Filipinos are still living in poverty.



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