Marcos son under fire over allegation tweet

Marcos son under fire over allegation tweet

After Marcos was surpassed by Liberal Party (LP) vice-presidential candidate Leni Robredo, Sandro Marcos tweeted that the administration might be cheating in the polls since the number of votes in the president and vice-president’s tally did not match.

“[The] total votes for President are not the same total for Vice President. What the hell. #DayaangTuwid,” he tweeted as he taunted LP’s campaign slogan.

The tweet got quickly deleted but Sandro Marcos said he did not delete it but was removed due to report complaints.

“Didn't delete my tweet, wouldn't be saying this otherwise. Frustration and anger get the best of us. I guess tomorrow na lang makikita,” he tweeted. (I guess we'll know tomorrow).

But the tweet quickly got some criticisms, mostly from anti-Marcos people and Robredo supporters.

“Missing votes ayon kay Sandro Marcos. Haven't you heard of abstain and invalid votes just like what you did when you shaded two circles?” tweeted by @drylljychnsn.

Nadine Dizon even compared Sandro Marcos to popular series Game of Thrones characters Joffrey Baratheon, even saying Marcos’ son is worse than the infamous character.

“Sandro Marcos is such a Joffrey Baratheon, pero at least yung family ni joffrey, they always pay their debts,” she tweeted, taking shots at Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. (Sandro Marcos is such a Joffrey Baratheon, but at least Joffrey's family always pay their debts.)

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) spokesperson James Jimenez said that the mismatching number of votes in the president and vice-president’s race could be possible since some voters opted to abstain or voted for two choices that would lead to the invalidation of their vote in the certain category.

“Absentations for the position of president could account for that, as well as over votes,” he tweeted.

The Marcos kin also got flak for shading two choices for President, and thus nullifying his vote for the top position. Albeit he initially denied doing so, he later on admitted to it and blamed it to first timer jitters.

Sandro posted an apology on his Facebook account:

"With regard to my tweet last night, it was done out of anger and frustration against the electoral process. The reason why they were deleted was someone decided to report them. I apologized on Twitter and am apologizing here for saying something so stupid."

"I know when I make mistakes and am more than happy to admit it. I was not initiating a personal attack, unlike others who responded," he added, even if the criticisms thrown against his family, i.e. ill gotten wealth, are not just mere opinion but historically based and court ruled facts.





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