10 amazing & important signs that prove you already love someone

10 amazing & important signs that prove you already love someone

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For some people, it takes a lot of hints or evidences to finally assure that they are already in love with someone. They need some sort of a “guide” to make sure that what they are feeling is true and not a just an infatuation.

Because of this, KAMI decided to list down 10 of the possible and amazing signs that can prove that a person is already in love with another. Here are those signs:

1. You feel comfortable with his/her presence

When you are able to do a lot of things with him/her that you cannot do with other people, be happy because it is already a sign that you are getting comfortable with that person. As time goes by, you never get shy of the things that you used to be embarrassed of whenever you are with him/her.

2. You laugh even at his/her corniest jokes

He or she will try to throw a joke and it does not matter anymore to you if that punch line is the funniest on earth or the corniest you ever heard. It is a sign that you are enjoying his/her company and that every joke that he/she throws just puts a curve on your lips.

3. You prioritize his/her messages

When you realize that it is just him or her that you want to talk to the whole day even just through text or chat, it is already an indication that you are starting to fall in love. That no matter how many phone messages you get from random people in one day, you will always find and prioritize his/her reply.

4. You miss him/her after just a day of being apart

This is a sign that you really love his/her presence and that you want him/her to be always by your side. If you genuinely cannot avoid missing that person a day after you parted ways, then what you feel is more than just having a crush on him/her.

5. You make small sacrifices for him/her

Undoubtedly, you will never sacrifice anything for a person if he or she is not important to you. And when you want to sacrifice more - even the smallest things - for him/her, it is already a manifestation that you love that human being.

6. You feel safe whenever you are together

You never get to worry a lot about your safety whenever you are spending quality time together. Unlike before when you tend to just walk alone, it is a satisfying feeling that you have someone to protect you whatever happens.

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10 amazing & important signs that prove you already love someone

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7. When he/she is unhappy, you are also unhappy

It is love when everything that makes him/her sad also makes you feel unhappy. As much as possible, you want to see that person’s contagious smile and you cannot afford seeing him/her sad about certain things.

8. You think or talk about your possible future with him/her

You know you are into the next level when you started thinking about what will you do with him/her in the future. The thought of introducing that person to your family someday is also a sign that you are genuinely in love.

9. You unleash your weirdest self whenever you are with him/her

You are never afraid anymore to show your weirdest self to him/her. You love the idea that he or she will accept you at your most “formal” attitude and even at your craziest. The thought that he/she might get “turned off” by your weirdest self also does not enter your mind anymore.

10. You forgot about your ex

Last but not the least, being with that person easily makes you forget about the pain and bliss you experienced with your past lovers. For you, it is a new chapter in your heart and the happiness that this person gives is more than enough to eclipse what you went through in the past.

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