10 dead, 3 wounded on election day

10 dead, 3 wounded on election day

At least 22 election-related violent incidents occurred from 12 midnight to 2PM on Monday, May 9, including 10 deaths and 3 wounded, according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines National Election Monitoring Center. 

With millions of votes cast nationwide, authorities said that the incidents were isolated and it was an overall peaceful election.

The incidents monitored by authorities included attacks by gunmen in polling stations, ambushed vehicles, and stolen vote-counting machines.

Agence France-Presse was able to talk to chief inspector Jonathan del Rosario, spokesman for the national police election monitoring task force. Del Rosario described the worst attack in Rosario, Cavite, which left 7 casualties.

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Other deaths happened in Maguindanao, Cotobato, and Abra.

In Sultan Kudarat, senior inspector Esmael Madin reported 20 men who used force in carting away voting machines. Other violent attacks happened in other neighboring areas of Maguindanao.

From January 10 until the election day, the Philippine National Police was able to record at least 164 election-related incidents. This further reaffirms that political violence is still one of the biggest problems in the country.

The lenient law against the gun ban also plays a big part in this violent incidents as records show that the PNP was able to confiscate 3,420 firearms, 38,673 weapons, and 36,777 ammunition during this period.

On election day itself, there were 4,149 people arrested for carrying firearms with 3,972 being civilians.

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