Netizens react to KC Concepcion’s secret vacation post with fiancé

Netizens react to KC Concepcion’s secret vacation post with fiancé

- KC Concepcion shares intimate moment with fiancé Pierre Plassart

- The actress’ social media post didn’t specify where the couple was but fans speculate it’s somewhere near Batangas

- Netizens take stab at KC’s past relationships including her father’s past

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KC Concepcion cannot really catch a break now, can she? After posting a seemingly innocent post of her and fiancé Pierre Plassart, the netizens cannot help but take a stab at her life decisions and such.

In a recent report by, we can see the couple at an undisclosed location though some fans speculate that they’re in Lipa, Batangas.

With this particular post, we get different reactions from different social media platforms.

In Instagram, we get some positive feedback from fans.

Sana po sya na yung forever mo. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST PO❤
Haaayyy!!! Oh My GOD...KC and Pierre You made me sooo Happy and Thrilled with these sweet and sooo romantic photo caption of yours and it's sooo true " you're Not Getting Younger anymore...The both of YOU...and TiME Really FLiES Sooo Fast...So what are you waiting for...Make your LOVE LiFE up to Fullest...YOU BOTH Need To Start A F A M i L Y now na!!! YOU Need To Settle down and March down the Aisle Very Soon...Okay....I know WE Will All Be Glad For this...And PRAYiNG that You'll End Very Soon On Your MARRiAGE VOWS...OUR LOVED DOLi @itskcconcepcion And @peplassart ❤❤❤

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In other platforms, the comments were not so forgiving.

ang tingnan sya ng uuwi ng ibang lahi ..yong iba ang pinay ang puntahan ng ibang lahi at takenot sabay pakasal na kc kakaiba lht na ng lahi inuuwi ilan buwan ibang iba lahi nman ang uuwi niya #realtalk wala ako paki buhay niya yon..#justIsaying
Ang dalagang ito never tlagang nabakante or namahinga man lang cguro strike while iron is always hot.
Pansin ko lng s KC mhilig s mga semi. Semi bingot yong dati, eto nman semi panot. Hyaan nyo n sya kung paiba-iba sya. Ayaw nya ksi mabakante ksi bka mag sara (Puso)....hahaha!

Some are even taking stabs at her father, Gabby Concepcion’s past.

Totoo nga kapag MALOKO ang Ama...ehg my anak na lahat ng kalokohan ng ama nia

What do you guys think? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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KC Concepcion is the very successful daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

As a child, KC wasn’t under the spotlight because her parents wanted her to concentrate on her studies.

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