Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff’s rap battle is what the internet needed today

Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff’s rap battle is what the internet needed today

- Last Sunday, Erwan Heussaff posted in Instagram a rap video of him taunting Nico Bolzico

- The husband of Solenn would not let a good challenge go and made his own ‘amateur’ version with the help of Solenn, of course

- The netizens were thoroughly entertained by the duo’s videos

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In the age of the internet, rap battles have become common. From production houses that shell out Fliptop and the like.

But one type of rap battle is making waves right now purely because of the ones involved in the battle; Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico.

It was PUSH that initially reported the battle. Clearly both were just joking around but it did create a buzz in Instagram with Erwan and Nico earning close to 60,000 and 400,000 views respectively.

The celebrity chef was the one who started the tauntfest with this well produced two-part video.

Erwan’s fans had nothing but love and admiration for the producer/chef with their comments.

Hahaha talentado!!
Omg! A chef turned rapper! .... ✅
That is awesome @erwan ... Bravo ⭐⭐⭐

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Of course, brother-in-law Nico Bolzico would not give up without a fight.

The Argentinian sought the help of his very beautiful wife, Solenn, to act as his backdrop since he could not do production shots like Erwan.

The netizens were just having a blast. Check out their comments.

couple goallllsss!!!! @ctmra @yvanajan
@nicobolzico Solid! You guys are so cute. ❤
Yung tagalog ang nagdala! bravoooo

Nevertheless, the view count speaks for itself earning close to 400,000 views as of this writing versus Erwan’s 57,000.

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Since Erwan has a production house because of his YouTube videos, he clearly has the production advantage. All Nico had was his beautiful wife, Solenn, in the background but it was obvious that he didn’t need a nice production based solely on his view count.

Either way, that was a pleasant way to get yourselves entertained on a quiet Sunday.

What do you think of their videos? Did they entertain you as much as they entertained us? Hit us up on the comments below.

The duo of Erwan and Nico make up part of what Nico calls the #bulliedhusbandsclub

Nico Bolzico is married to Erwan’s celebrity sister, Solenn Heussaff

Nico and Erwan are owners of Bolzico Beef which officially launched last August of 2018.

In a previous report by , here is the simple life of Solenn and Nico Bolzico.

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