Grace Poe Shoots Back At Binay: I'm Not A Trainee

Grace Poe Shoots Back At Binay: I'm Not A Trainee

HIGHLIGHT: Vice Jejomar Binay sparks bout anew with fellow candidate Senator Grace Poe during his campaign sortie in Tacloban. The two have lashed out each other's credibilities in the recent presidential debate.

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“I am not an OJT (on-the-job trainee), because I have served for quite a while.”

This was Sen. Grace Poe's response to VP Binay's statements in a late-night political rally held in Tacloban City yesterday.

It can be recalled that Poe drew cheers from the crowd in the recent PiliPinas Debate for her answer on West Philippine Sea to another top candidate, Davao Mayor Duterte.

When asked theoretically about the first thing that she would when roused in the middle of a sleep, if China bombed the Philippine Coast Guard, Poe said "Babangon ako (I will rise up)."

Binay did not sit well with this answer from the leading presidential candidate, and twitted Poe commenting, "E di wow (a local expression meant to be an insult than a compliment)."

For her part, Poe added that OJTs should not be belittled because many of them work efficiently.

She also defended her answer on the debate saying that she framed her answer in a light manner as it was asked - while to be alert is her instinct.

More serious, she ended, “Palakasin natin unti-unti, imodernisa natin ang ating AFP. Hindi para makipag-giyera, kundi para lamang madepensahan natin kung saka-sakali ang ating sarili (Let us strengthen our Armed Forces and modernize it little by little, not to espouse war, but to make sure we can defend ourselves).”



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