Ara Mina supports Jan Marini as she files for candidacy

Ara Mina supports Jan Marini as she files for candidacy

- Ara Mina posted in Instagram supporting her friend Jan Marini in running for councilor of district 4, QC

- Is it a support post or is she trying to get confirmation whether she should run for office or not

- Many netizens and fans react towards her post

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Ara Mina took to Instagram her excitement and support to Jan Marini as she files her certificate of candidacy (COC) for councilor of district 4, Quezon City.

The 39 year old is so happy for her best friend, Jan Marini, it being Jan’s first time to run for public office. But was this post really about Jan Marini or a precursor of things to come? She mentioned in her post that she still has 2 days to decide whether she, too, should run for public office or not.

Fans were quick to comment their support for both actresses. Some were all for it.

Do what you love to do❤️ Serving people is your reverence in serving God You can do it my dear You are a hardworking person and you put 101% of your best in everything you do and for sure in public service you will do the same. Goodluck and more prayers for you❤️❤️ @therealaramina God be with you

Some would encourage her to think and pray about it.

Ask God Miss Ara to guide you, to give you the desire of your heart.. Nothing Wrong for your willingness to serve our fellow Pilipinos..God knows our heart and motives, He is always there for Him He never fail you . Praying for you..

While others would rather see her in TV entertaining her fans.

You dont need a position to continue pursuing a dream to help.. You can do it by being an ordinary Filipino its in the heart!! Just an honest opinion!???

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What do you think? Do you think she should run for office or just stay in showbiz? Post your comments below.

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Ara Mina started in the entertainment industry as Hazel Reyes back when she was 14.

When Hazel Reyes shifted her image to a more mature one, she also changed her screen name to Ara Mina.

She is the eldest of 9 siblings

In a previous report by , Ara Mina is upset when an online dating app used her family photo

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