Netizens react with mixed opinions and emotions to Mocha Uson’s interview

Netizens react with mixed opinions and emotions to Mocha Uson’s interview

- Without the political mumbo jumbo, Mocha Uson finally agreed to an interview with Korina Sanchez

- The Rated K host and controversial entertainer sat down and talked about Mocha as a person

- At the end of it all, Mocha Usan is only human

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After a year and 4 months, former PCOO assistant secretary Mocha Uson steps down and resigns. A few days after that, she finally agrees to have Korina Sanchez interview her for Rated K. When asked why she agreed to be interviewed now and now while she was still in office, Mocha explained that due to their political opinions, the interview might not go well. Now that she is a civilian, all she has to defend is herself.

In the 9-minute segment, Korina did not go too deep into the political arena. What she did, however, just as with any professional journalist, was interview Mocha Uson as a person. They discussed her background from who her parents were, how and why she got into entertainment, and they even spoke briefly about her love life. Spoiler alert! Her current love is her mother.

KAMI looked at the interview as a way for Mocha Uson to finally introduce herself without the politics.

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Mocha immediately broke the ice by saying that the Mayon Volcano was indeed in Albay and not in Naga as she previously said. After that, the rest of the interview went pretty well.

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At the end of the interview, Korina asked if Mocha’s resignation equates to her diminishing loyalty to President Duterte. Mocha explained that however adamant she was when President Duterte was still campaigning for the residency, that’s still how adamant she is right now.

Mocha Uson was born as Esther Margeaux Justiano Uson

Mocha Uson’s father was a judge at the Regional Trial Court before he was assassinated in 2002

Mocha formed the Mocha Girls back in 2006.

In a previous report by KAMI, Mocha Uson and Korina Sanchez break the ice and both finally agreed to an interview.

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