Netizens divided on position paper released by legal team of Cheryl Favila responding to text messages released by Fullido

Netizens divided on position paper released by legal team of Cheryl Favila responding to text messages released by Fullido

- Cheryl Favila's camp released its official position paper

- It was a lengthy document detailing the response of Cheryl and Maricar Asprec's positions

- After reading, many netzens started to either go neutral and wait for the court, with some starting to sway favorably towards Cheryl

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The camp of Cheryl Favila has released their official position paper which highlighted the ABS-CBN's exec's stand on the issue.

KAMI learned that this came after Gretch released the alleged text messages of the execs, made available by Gretchen's camp on PEP.

The document released was quite lengthy and many netizens took the time to read it.

Some of the netizens started to become neutral, saying that people should at least hear both sides before judging the parties involved.

There were those who started to see Cheryl's side in a better light, and there were also those who stood by Gretch.

Take a look at some of the comments of netizens:

alam mo ms.favila unang una ano ang mapapala ng abs kung kakampihan nila si gretchen at hindi ikaw na senior pa nga...pangalawa bakit kse nag message ka ng mga ganun salita maski na pabiro hindi yan akma sa posisyon mo bilang boss. So now u want another fact finding investigation???
Did you read the full article? Because if you really did, you would not be commenting this way.
I agree with you 5:01PM. Kung hindi niyo nabasa, wag mag-comment. Masyado kayo mapapel.
The document appears to suggest that Gretchen has been planning her moves from the very start. Let's be more objective; sometimes harassment has been abused to gain sympathy and power. Read the docs carefully.
Read the article first before you comment.
3:54 either you did not read or did not understand the case. Wag ka judger.
I would also like to read the counter affidavit and text messaged of Miss Gretchen Fulido para naman patas ang laban. Hindi one sided.
Anon 3:54, magbasa ka dear. Baka kainin mo lahat ng sinabi mo.
I skimmed through it, pero does anybody know what the rejection is all about? Parang medyo may tampo si Cheryl kay Gretchen because of that rejection. That's the only thing I think is inappropriate. Gretchen's problem is, she befriended her bosses.
She should have kept it professional kung sensitive sya. They were all friends after all. Gretchen seems sneaky.
ang gaganda nyo. galing sa kampo nung defendants yan... so malamang sisirain intention nyan na palabasin na hindi credible yung complainant. ganun din kay gretchen laban dito sa defendants.
hintayin nyo yung desisyon ng korte at wag umasta na parang alam nyo ang lahat ng detalye. hexenah!
now is the other side of the story - who is using who
I dont know ha but in our law, harassment is judged not on the intention of the one accused but on how and what the accuser felt. So pwedeng may laban pa din si gretchen
3:54. Di ka nagbasa. Obviously. May mga tuksuhan and mga language na pag yun lang pinili mo mukhang harassment. But if you read the whole article, it shows the kind of relationship that they have. And magugulat ka pa na several times her boss was actually so patient in developing her to be a great talent (contradictory sa sinasabing mahirap ang work place) and that ang daming lapses ni Gretch sa work paulit ulit
Nakakatamad basahin. Sino kayang chismosa dito ang may magandang loob na makakapagsummarize ng nilalaman ng mga yan? Hahaha
Moral story is don't just judge; hear both sides of the story. You have to read to be more objecitve; wag kampi agad Kay Gretchen.
4:15 In summary, sablay sa trabaho si Gretchen. Madalas mali, walang effort, walang depth ang mga ginagawang news. Madalas na napagsasabihan si gretchen for things na hindi niya nagagawa. Marami rin text messages na siya ang lumalapit and mukhang nagpapapansin kay Favila. Which is weird, kasi sabi ni gretchen pinahirapan siya for how many years.. kung ganun, bakit ganyan ang tone ng messages niya, parang ang sweet... mukhang hindi pinapahirapan
Baks basahin mo. It’s really gripping. Just skip to the reproduction of text messages. Don’t read na the law blah blahs in the beginning. Grabe!!!! Mali si GF talaga dito.
Haha true. Matiyaga din ako magbasa pero dito pass ako. Super haba. Mga classmates, ano po ba nilalaman?
In summary, pinabulaanan ang mga nilabas na text messages ni gretchen at sinabing sinadya na hindi ilagay ang buong laman ng usapan at pinili lang ang mga text na ilalabas para magmukhang harassment. halimbawa ay yung shower moment daw ang tara grets, na inilabas ng kabilang kampo ang buong usapan na may binabalak palang reformatting na gagawin para sa show. mga ganung ek ek.. pero sinubukan kong hanapin yung iba pang text message na nilabas ni gretchen kung ano naman ang masasabi ng kabilang kampo, pero hindi ko makita yung ibang text message.
Nabasa ko yung position paper pero hindi na yung affidavits. To summarize, they countered gretchen's allegations with verifiable facts. Pinapakita nila na Gretchen's allegations were malicious and she cherry picked and twisted conversations out of context to fit her agenda and support her case that she was harassed. Their position paper also stated that these 2 individuals have issues on her work ethics and performance. They also added that she lacked commitment to do well in her job despite giving her support and second chances to improve. It is a good position paper. I would like to see Gretchen counter this.
mga baks saan ba yung statement ni Miss Gretchen Fullido kasi ito one side of the story , so saan ang mga text messages.
Well this us the respondents still with gretchen on this one.Can u imagine yoyr male boss telling u give me a sexy dance for my bday? Joke or not ,it us harassment plain and simple
Ung mga nasa square lang basahin niyo. Nagtiyaga ako and based sa mga convo parang sweet naman sila ni GF
if totoo na substandard ang work ni gretchen as claimed by Favila etc. e di sana tinanggal na ng TVP si gretchen sa show matagal na.
Read the whole thing. Sa work, sablay talaga si Gretchen. But the flirting part (harassment, I'm giving benefit of the doubt since these are mere messages. Iba yung phone calls and in person. It's easy to deny eh. Plus Gretchen being so ambitious she might have tried to shrug it off).
this only proves that GF is talentless
but that is not reason to be harassed they should have fired her as a reporter
Agree ako kay anon 6:28, don't bother to comment kung one sided lang ang opinion, know the other side of the story din. Wait na lang ako sa magiging outcome ng kaso.

Si Gretchen Fullido ay isang news anchor at reporter sa ABS-CBN. Supervisor niya si Cheryl Favila.

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