Netizens accuse Lea Salonga of being a DDS due to her comments on inflation

Netizens accuse Lea Salonga of being a DDS due to her comments on inflation

- Netizens outraged with Lea Salonga’s comments on inflation

- She asked if the same people were also upset at past administrations

- They were not having any bit of it

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In a recent interview, Lea Salonga, gave her opinion on inflation and how she and her family is also affected by it.

In an interview posted by The Young Observer, Lea said, “...we’re affected to the point where there are, if there are certain goods and services... that we buy are affected. I mean, I don’t like it when I see my electric bill go up. I don’t like it when the price of vegetables… I mean, we, we buy locally grown produce and when you see the price tag change, it’s like... why?”

She also went on speaking to those who were affected by it and are upset at the current administration to check and see if past administrations did the same and if they were also upset or not about it.

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The netizens were not at all happy with what she said.

Some even went as far as claiming that she is taking sides and being pro-Duterte.

When you are as famous and as influential as Lea Salonga, everything you say can and will be used against you.

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Lea Salonga mentioned that she and her husband can definitely feel the rise of prices especially in her utilities.

Of course, she is affected if the prices of the goods and services she normally gets goes up

She also mentioned that there is something odd if you’re mad now but not mad in the past

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