Former COMELEC Commissioner on vote buying: it’s getting crazy

Former COMELEC Commissioner on vote buying: it’s getting crazy

There are more vote-buying incidents now than in the previous 2010 presidential elections although the automated elections has reduced other avenues for cheating, ex-commissioner of the Commission on Election Gregorio Larrazabal said in a statement on Saturday.

Well, automated eliminated some forms of cheating but it increased the number of incidents of vote buying. It just blew up. Vote buying now is just crazy,” Larrazabal answered when asked whether cheating is less widespread now that the elections are automated rather than when it was still manual.

It’s (vote-buying) getting crazy. There’s more vote buying now and I think it’s getting to a point that people accept vote buying now in some areas,” Larrazabal added.

He said that one key to prevent vote-buying is the vigilance of the watchers.

“I don’t want to sound (like a broken record) but vigilance is key. As long as the watchers are aware, they know what to look out for, they will at least minimize incidents of cheating. Some watchers don’t know what to look out for. They don’t know what to focus on. They just look at the voter, then they end up chatting with other watchers,” he said.

Meanwhile, several establishments reward people for exercising their right to vote. On the election day, there are discounts and buy one take one privilege by presenting your inked finger.



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